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Pamphlet #414

"Governmental Killing"

    A brief look at the horrendous statistics of governmental killing during the 20th Century.
Let's fervently pray that mankind can do better in this next century.

By Albert Burns

Let us fervently hope and earnestly pray that this new century will be
a "kinder and gentler" one than the one which has just ended.
 The Twentieth Century was the most cruel and bloody in all of man's
6000 years of recorded history.  Evil men worked overtime devising ever
more efficient methods of killing ever increasing numbers of human
beings, men, women and even children were not spared.
 Beginning with the terror tactics initiated by Lenin in 1917, and
continuing through the end of the century, historians have tallied up
the incredible numbers and published their conclusions.  Their final
conclusions indicate the following horrific numbers of human deaths:
  Afghanistan: 1,500,000 deaths
  Africa:  1,700,000    "
  Cambodia:  2,000,000    "
  China:          65,000,000    "
  Eastern Europe: 1,000,000    "
  Latin America:          150,000    "
  North Korea: 2,000,000    "
  USSR:          20,000,000    "
  Vietnam:  1,000,000    "
   Total:                   94,350,000 deaths due to Communism!

Add to those, the 15 to 20 million deaths from the Nazis and you
now have a total of over 110 million lives snuffed out by governments.

And that total does not include the million Armenians wiped out by
the Turks in the very early part of the 1900s.

Nor does it include
all the cumulative millions who died in lesser atrocities around the
world such as in the
Congo (1900-1908 [5 to 8 million]);
Brazil (1900-1985 [300 - 500 thousand]);
Ethiopia (1935-41 [roughly 300,000]);
Uganda (1972-79 [300,000]) and the list goes on and on.

Obviously, the numbers are not exact since rarely,
while the killing is going on, is anyone keeping exact count.

  Note that all of these deaths were NOT casualties of war.  They
were all just slaughtered civilians.  Government run amok!

  If you also include the tens of millions killed in actual declared
(or undeclared) wars, which, of course, are caused by governments,
NOT citizens and add up the numbers, the total is horrendous!
Zbigniew Brzezinski in his book Out of Control: "Global Turmoil on
the Eve Of The Twenty-first Century" puts the total between
167 to 175 million people.

  Professor Rudolph J. Rummel in his book: "Death By Government"
gives a total of over 258 million.

  (For more information on death tolls of the 20th Century go to this
URL: )

  Governments ARE dangerous to their citizens!  Our Founding Fathers
had studied history, up until their time, and were well aware of that fact
of life.  What would they have thought of our Twentieth Century history?

  The U.S. Constitution was very carefully and deliberately crafted
to tie the hands of those who would have to be entrusted with
governmental power in this country.  In all times and places, there
are men (and women) who are determined to exercise unrighteous
dominion over others. Those who wrote the Constitution did everything
in their power to limit the amount of power being given to the federal
government.  They deliberately stated the specific powers which the
new government was to have.  In the Federalist Papers, it was
specifically pointed out that there were NO broad, general, ill-defined
powers being granted.

  Even the powers the federal government was to have were carefully
divided among the three branches, executive, legislative and judicial
so that each would be a curb on the other two.

  They went further!  The House of Representatives was to represent
the people of the United States.  The Senate was explicitly designed
to represent the INDIVIDUAL STATES!  Tragically, the American
people were duped into accepting the 17th Amendment which changed
the way in which Senators are chosen.  The Founding Fathers carefully
made sure that the individual states would be equally represented
regardless of size. Further the Senators from each state were to
answer to the legislature of the state rather than the people in the state.
A deliberate attempt to prevent the evils of democracy from taking root
in this country. Those determined to rule deliberately misled Americans
into giving up that protection.

  Today, we have a Congress which supinely allows both the executive
branch, in the person of the President, and the judicial branch, the
Supreme Court to make law by both executive and judicial decree.
Congress was given the power to stop these abuses.  It is up to the
people to DEMAND that their Representatives and Senators live up
to their oath of office and reclaim ALL of the legislative authority
which they should be exercising.

  This new century and millennium will be better than the last one
ONLY if the American people finally wake up, learn anew what the
Founding Fathers worked so hard to establish, and ensure that those
they put into office abide by the Oath Of Office each swears to when
entering office.  Failure to do this will allow this once great country to
continue the slide into ever more oppressive government.  Never forget
that every governmental power was once an individual liberty.  When
the government has acquired all power, the people have lost all liberty!
It is as simple as that!

Did you ever wonder why
so many of our government officials
favor the registration and control of our guns?

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