Our Constitutional right to speak freely!!!!!!

I have a question, for all those people in the “US of A “;  (who apparently don’t care, or haven’t thought about, what the “loss of their own soul”, as in, “TO BE NO MORE”, will not only mean for themselves but also for their loved ones?);  that call a Christian who reads the Bible aloud or says a Prayer in a public place a “Extremist”, and  insist that those Christians must be prevented from continuing to do so, by our government.   

My question is; What gives you the right to decide that all the other sinners, is this country, do not have a right to be told how easy it is to salvage their own soul, if they will only believe that “Jesus Christ” is God Himself, who was born into this flesh and blood earth age, for the very purpose of providing a way to save lost sinners from losing their own souls? If they repent of their sins, AND ask for His forgiveness, AND invite His Holy Spirit to come live in their heart to cleanse it  and make it as Holy as is His own.