The American Wisdom Series 
Pamphlet #1014
The Cultural Church

Rich or poor,
young or old,
people are seeking an anchor in a storm tossed society
that threatens to overwhelm them.
They feel inadequate and yearn to be a part
of something bigger than themselves.
So, where do they turn?

Within most mainline churches,
and even many evangelical churches,
rather than demanding objective truth
about the world around them,
too many people are willing to believe
whatever seems to agree with their preconceived attitudes.

The popular 21st.century church
pretends to adhere to the truth,
yet quietly undermines it.

Experience and emotion
are substituted
for the Word of God
as its basis of faith.

Any time we make emotional
"religious experiences"
or various signs and wonders the criterion of our faith,
we thereby open the floodgates to every sort of delusion.

Although they might not consciously recognize it,
these same people know
there is transcendent truth
that they can't seem to find in church,
so church becomes irrelevant to them spiritually
and they attend much like going to the country club.

The true Church being largely absent
unavailable to people
has turned them to alternative beliefs,
drugs, gangs, violence, promiscuity and suicide.

Given the climate of permissiveness,
tolerance, and moral relativity in today's culture,
it should come as no surprise
that young people lack judgment and direction.

Truth at nearly all levels has been lost.
Children know they have been lied to by their parents,
their teachers, their school counselors,
their pastors, the police, and their government leaders.

These kids no longer know what to believe or who to believe.
We can tell them that drugs are bad for them,
but they've been lied to so often
they likely see this warning to be a lie.

We tell them that guns are dangerous,
but they don't believe.

They know that a gun, in and of itself, is not evil.

It's not surprising to some of us
when these senseless acts of brutality occur.

And, as this country continues
down the slippery slope of rejection of the Truth,
these kinds of tragedies will only increase.

All of the signs of the demise of our culture
are with us today:

are coupled with an federal government
on the brink of insolvency,
whose leaders are living off of society's moral decay
leading to the loss of leadership and moral will.

In the days of Noah,
God warned a faithless,
immoral and violent civilization
of the imminent catastrophe that was about to take place,
but few listened.

our civilization is at the crossroads,
but few are noticing the signs that are before us.

It is time to take notice,
and to pray for spiritual awakening in this country,
before the light of our civilization goes out.

Many Americans,
and people throughout the world,
are experiencing spiritual enslavement and oppression.

These people are crying out for answers
and God's people must address them.

We must always remember
that we are not warring with flesh and blood,
but we are actually fighting the forces
that deceive and bind them.
Read Revelations 6:1-8 -The Four Horses of the Apocalypse
Religion(False Teachers)
Economics(New World Order)
Education(Schools and Media)

Regardless of how deceived someone may be,
they are the very ones our Savior gave His life to save.

For decades the Church (The Rider on the White Horse)
has compromised its beliefs
to appease the offenders.

This tack will only make the ultimate cost
of the inevitable changes much greater.

The longer we compromise with them
the more costly their ultimate removal will be.

So, What's the Answer?
The answer is simple:

Jesus! (The Word of God)

Not religion and not some church organization,

but simply Jesus.

He said,

"I am the way and the truth and the life." (John 14:6)

You need look no further for the way to go,

Jesus said He is the way.

You must hold on to the Truth

and you must diligently tell others

and you need to pray for the wisdom,

strength and power to continue to fight the good fight.

You should also do all that you can

to strengthen the essential truths of our faith,

within ourselves,

and any to whom we are called to serve by leading. 
There is life in Jesus,

"I have come that they may have life,

and have it to the full." (John 10:10)
We are called to overcome evil with good.

We cast out darkness with the light.

Allow the Lord to search your heart

for any way you might be deceived.

Let us now judge ourselves,

lest we be judged.

If we will humble ourselves now,

He will lift us up at the proper time.
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Her priests have violated my law. They still do today!

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