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Pamphlet #1017
"We're Living in Unprecedented Times"

There can be no doubt
that we live in exciting and unprecedented times.

"We have come to the point in history when wondrous,
even amazing,
"earth shattering"
current events are taking place
and prophecies are being fulfilled at such an ever increasing rapid pace
that it has become evident to those
with eyes to see
and ears to hear
that we are approaching the final hour of temptation
when the false messiah,
the abomination of desolation
spoken of by Daniel the prophet,
makes his "personal appearance" as Jesus Christ,
claiming fulfillment of the 2nd advent."

Live Link to- Revelation chapter 4 through 7
1st seal of Revelation chapter 6
Many of our churches aren't teaching God's Word
line by line and chapter by chapter.
Their Pastors don't teach the Book of Revelation
or the Old Testament prophets.

In Christ's name
they have their congregations believing
that going to church and singing and praising God
and doing good deeds and tithing, etc.
(none of which we condemn)
are the important lessons
that the Bible teaches
and Christianity is all about.

They are also teaching false doctrine
like rapture of the church prior to the reign of the anti-christ.
and celebrating pagan holidays,
all decked out with easter bunnies,
instead of celebrating Christ's passover.

And so we see that the Trumpeter of the 1st Seal,
which is the White Horse of The Hidden Dynasty of Religion, (Rev.6:1-2)
is sounding his alarm
and we are in the midst of the great famine of the end times (Amos 8:11)!

2nd seal of Revelation chapter 6
The Trumpeter of the 2nd Seal,
the Red Horse of Politics (Rev.6:3-4) is sounding the alarm of the New World Order,
complete with International Citizenship for all,
International Law,
and a World Court.

Those who have been responsible for fomenting wars and conflicts
are now fulfilling the first part of 1 Thes. 5:3 with their cry for peace.

3rd seal of Revelation chapter 6
Globalization and the unification of all currencies.
The fulfillment of that prophecy is a clear sign
that the Trumpeter of the 3rd Seal,
which is the Black Horse of The Hidden Dynasty of the Economy, (Rev.6:5-6)
is sounding his alarm.

4th seal of Revelation chapter 6
Our people have been slowly anesthetized
and indoctrinated by movies and television and magazines
and other mass media
into accepting lower and lower standards of morality,
and they are confused about right and wrong
and their freedoms are being completely stripped away
while they remain in a "stupor".

Many cannot see what is happening in our society,
in our schools,
in our institutions,
and in our government
as a result of allowing the ungodly to institute their liberal agendas.

A new set of morality,
complete with perversity and behavior disgusting to our Father,
has been set up,
and those who do not accept it and speak out against it
are being stung by a "politically correct scorpion".
So "men's hearts [courage] are failing them"
for fear of being stung.

Yes, the Trumpeter of the 4th Seal,
which is the Pale Horse
of The Hidden Dynasty of Education/Indoctrination(Rev.6:7-8) is sounding his alarm.

The powerful forces of Religion, Politics, Economics, and Education (Rev.6:1-8)
and their "increased abusive activity"
is a sign that we are in the end times.
The 1st Four Trumpets have sounded.

Live Link to- Revelation 8 through 11
5th trump of Revelation
For a period of time,
during the sounding of the 5th Trump,
their collective sounding [strength] increases
as the evil web of the New World Order entangles every nation
and kindred and tongue on earth
until truth is obscured (the sun is darkened)
and there is an atmosphere of "anxiety" and "perplexity" (the air is darkened),
all symbolized by the "smoke"
released from the "bottomless pit",
the home of the locusts and their king, Apollyon.
We are currently in this period of the 5th Trump.
And where there is smoke there is fire,
which is soon to come!

6th trump of Revelation
So it is very, very simple.

Here is what Satan will do when the 6th trump sounds:
          He will oppose and exalt himself above all that is called God,
or that is worshipped;
so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God,
shewing himself that he is God.

When you see this abomination of desolation
standing where he ought not,
then know that the end of this flesh age is very, very near.

Just remember that the number 6 comes before the number 7.

7th trump of Revelation
And then,
the 7th Trump,
the return of Jesus Christ and our gathering back to Him.
let anyone tell you it can happen at any moment.
Satan as the false messiah,
claiming he is Jesus Christ,
must come FIRST
at the sound of the 6th TRUMP.

Even though your church doesn't seem to think it necessary,
read the Bible daily.

Study to show thyself approved unto God,
a workman that needeth not to be ashamed,
rightly dividing the word of truth. (2nd Timothy 2:15)

Learn what you need to know,
be sure you are not found worshiping the false-christ(Satan)
when Jesus returns at the 7th trump.

Be sure you have the mark of the Lord,
not the mark of the beast,
in your forehead when Christ returns

For, behold, the days are coming, in the which they shall say,
Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that never bare,
and the paps which never gave suck.

          Why are those who remain barren blessed and who are they?

They are God's elect,
the Virgin Brides who wait for the true Bridegroom,
those who remain faithful 'till He comes
(only five of the 10 Virgins make it, you know)!

You see, the Bridegroom has gone away
but He will return soon to take His Bride!

If. when He returns,
He finds His wife-to-be (his church) nursing her newborn baby,
what does that tell Him?

She has been to bed with someone else, right?

She has attended the wrong wedding!

She has been SEDUCED by the one who comes claiming to be Jesus Christ!

Woe, Baby!

Make sure you are not worshipping the false-christ(Satan) when the real Christ(Jesus) returns!

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