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Presents Pamphlet #1046

The terrorist acts
of September 11, 2001
made it possible.

For the first time in history,
one man (Billy Graham)
spoke the Gospel to the entire world at the same time.

He gave the sermon at the National Memorial Service.
It was broadcast on every major television station in the U.S.
and by satellite to the world.

Every country in the world received this broadcast...
and because it was a Geo Political event,
every leader watched and heard it translated into his/her language.

Many preachers have their messages broadcast in other countries
and carried around the world,
but this is the first time that the entire world listened to the Gospel preached at one time.

The World and All its leaders tuned in and heard the gospel.
Never before has one individual preached
to the leaders of the world and their country at one time!!

Mark 13:10 - And the Gospel must first be preached to all the nations.

Matthew 24:14 - And this Gospel of the King
shall be preached in the whole world
for a witness to all the nations
and then the end shall come.

Romans 10 - whole chapter - particularly verse 18.

Through Billy Graham today,
Biblical prophecy was fulfilled.

That is one of the signs of the end time.

We are surely in the last days
(learn the parable of the fig tree).

As we experience counter attacks here in this country
and around the world
I believe President Bush's free world anti terrorism coalition will start to unravel.

      Three countries, will split from the coalition
or be thrown out.

Probably the United States and England.
I don't know who the third will be.
Maybe Israel!

That would be the book of Revelations deadly wound to the beast
(The New World Order - the four horses of the apocalypse)

The mood in this country
is such that people will panic
if the anti terrorism coalition unravels.

(the sixth trump of Revelations will sound)
Along will come a individual to save the coalition
healing the deadly wound to the beast.

The revitalized coalition will win the fight against terrorism
under this individual's direction.

People will think he is the greatest.
He will have saved the free world from terrorism.

      Next he will set up shop in Jerusalem,
perform many supernatural miracles
and eventually he, the anti-christ,
      will claim to be Christ.

The people of the free world,
especially the Christian world,
will believe him
and be worshiping him (the great apostasy) when the real Christ returns.

(the seventh trump of Revelations will sound).
Christ will return and find His bride,
the church,
has been,
in bed with Satan
(blessed are the paps that never gave suck).

At the real Christ's return,
in an instant,
we will all be changed back into spirit beings,
      with spirit bodies,
and this present earth age will end.

 Spread the word,
if you think Christ has returned
and you still bleed,
it isn't him!!!!!
Don't be deceived and worship the anti-christ!

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