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"Biblical Feasts Parallel the Gestation Period of a Baby"

The Bible makes it clear that every child is a gift from God.
A surprising discovery recently revealed that
the Biblical feasts parallel the  gestation period of a baby.

It seems, once again, the Almighty hid within His Word
proof of divine inspiration and a token of His love for children.

 FEASTS: In Exodus chapter 12 we find the Passover feast instituted.

It was to begin on the fourteenth day of the first month
and repeat each year thereafter.

During Passover the Israelites place an egg,
symbolizing new life, on the Passover table.

 MEDICAL FACT: On the fourteenth day of the first month the mothers egg appears.

FEASTS: The feast of Unleavened Bread must occur the very next night,

on the 15th day of the month, or the feast process will fail.

 MEDICAL FACT: Fertilization of the egg must occur within 24 hours

or the fertilization process will probably fail.

 FEASTS: The feast of Firstfruits occurs next,

on the Sunday during the week of Unleavened Bread.
It can be from 2-6 days after the feast of Unleavened Bread
and is called the Spring Planting of Seed.

MEDICAL FACT: The fertilized egg travels down the tube at its own pace

 taking anywhere from 2-6 days before it implants.
This is the Planting of  the Egg.

 FEASTS: Pentecost comes 50 days later and, in evangelical circles,

 celebrates the forming of the Church by the Holy Spirit.

 MEDICAL FACT: On the fiftieth day the embryo begins to form into a human fetus.

 FEASTS: The Day of Atonement is celebrated on the tenth day of the seventh month.

Blood is taken into the Holy of Holies in the Tabernacle.

 MEDICAL FACT: On the tenth day of the seventh month the production of red blood cells

is taken over by the bone marrow--the inner sanctum of the babies tabernacle.

 FEASTS: The Feast of Tabernacles follows on the 15th day of the seventh month.

The Israelites celebrate God breathing the breath of life into Adam.

 MEDICAL FACT: By the 15th day of the seventh month the child is capable of  breathing air.

He or she is a developed "tabernacle" and can be born.
 However, to achieve maximum strength the child should continue to grow
 inside its mother for another 80 days.
It can thereafter be born and  dedicated to the Lord.

 FEASTS:80 days later is the feast of DEDICATION!


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