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Pamphlet 1554 1 John kc 4-3

Do you look forward to the sound of 7th Trump
and understand the change from flesh to spirit
and from mortality to immortality?

1 John 3:1
Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew Him not.
Behold, which means consider and ponder the wondrous and indescribable love the Father has bestowed on us by calling us His sons, the sons and daughters of God!

In other words, we are His children!

There is no warmer feeling than to know and understand what it means to actually be a beloved "little child" of the most loving Father of all and the very Creator of the universe.

Unfortunately this "kosmos", this current earth age, does not know, follow, nor understand the children of God because it did not know, follow, nor understand the very Son of God Himself.

They even withdrew in the world that was, even in the beginning in the first earth age, for we know from Rev. 12:4 that Satan drew 1/3 of the children away from our Father and away from His love.

Jesus also said that when the world hates and rejects you, a dear little one, a child of His, just remember they hated and rejected Him first!

These words were spoken by the Lord himself in John 15:18 "If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you." Luke 21:17 "And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake."

[2] Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like Him; for we shall see Him as he is.
Like Father, like son.

There is so much said in this verse to those "little children" who look forward to the sound of 7th Trump and understand the change from flesh to spirit and from mortality to immortality as spoken of by Paul in 1 Cor. 15.

Then too, on a deeper level, we know that He is righteous and we desire to be like Him and see Him as He is, i.e. righteous.

Next verse.

[3] And every man that hath this hope in Him purifieth himself, even as He is pure.
Every child of God who has this "hope" of being like Jesus Christ and seeing Him as He is when He appears, cleanses himself or herself from all unrighteousness.

How does one do that?

Through repentance, through confessing his or her sins to the Lord Jesus Christ and receiving His promised forgiveness which purifies us from sin.

Remember John told us that back in the first chapter?

1 John 1:9
If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
Don't go away!

Stay with this epistle of John for we are going to learn exactly what sin is and understand why Cain slew his brother Abel.

To study the Bible is the noblest of all pursuits; to understand it, the highest of all goals.
We pray that with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you accomplish both.

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