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Pamphlet 1905 Rev. kc 49-1

Confusion, confusion! And it all comes from not studying the Word of God!

We've reached the 19th chapter in the great Book of the Revealing and there's about to be rejoicing in heaven. The 7th Trump is still sounding as Jesus Christ returns to this earth having judged the great whore and avenged the blood of His servants. Babylon the great is history!

However, before we begin this chapter let's take a preview look at some of the terminology and symbols used in this chapter. You see, if you have studied line by line with us from the beginning of this book, then you will have no problem understanding most of this chapter because you already know what most everything means.

For example, here of some the symbols and phrases we'll soon see used that we've read of and learned about to this point in the Book of Revelation:

vs. 2 The great whore

vs. 4 The four and twenty elders and the four beasts (living beings)

vs. 6 The voice of many waters

vs. 8,14 Fine linen, clean and white

vs. 11 A white horse

vs. 12 "Eyes as a flame of fire"

vs. 15 Sharp sword proceeding from Christ's mouth

vs. 15 the winepress of God's wrath

Plus, if you've studied, i.e. read with understanding, the entire Bible from the beginning, from Genesis on, line by line then you will completely understand this chapter, for as we said from the opening study, there is nothing really new in the Book of Revelation that hasn't been discussed before in God's Word. It's just that in this Book of the Unveiling, this PICTURE BOOK, prophecy is all tied together and simplified for our understanding.

Therefore the rest of the words and phrases in today's study, such as Lamb, Word of God, Kings of kings and Lord of lords, etc., are to be found previously in God's Word.

The point is that if a person were to pick up the book of Revelation and try to read and understand it without the foundation from the Word, you just can't imagine what kind of scenarios they would come up with. On second thought, you've probably seen some of the wild and crazy interpretations of this book. I actually heard one nationally televised preacher a few weeks ago tell the viewers that there are going to come "huge locusts, down out of the sky, the size of horses, with stingers in their tails, and when they sting you it will hurt for 5 months".

Confusion, confusion! And it all comes from not studying the Word of God! 

And so it is written that the time is fast approaching when the whole world will be confused about who the true Christ is.

Will you?

Not if you are sealed with His Word in your forehead.

To study the Bible is the noblest of all pursuits; to understand it, the highest of all goals.
We pray that with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you accomplish both.

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