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Matthew #2502a

 When you sing along with "We Three Kings of Orient are...", don't confuse song lyrics based on tradition with scripture. We don't know how many wise men visited "The God Child"
We do know they didn't visit Him at the manger!

Let us now return and continue our study in the Book of Matthew where the apostle gives us some more important details concerning the birth of the King of kings. We already learned that the Old Testament declared in Isa. 7:14 that He must be born of a virgin. Did you know that the Old Testament also declared when and where He must be born? Daniel's prophecy tells us when and Micah told us where! You "see", when you consider the events of the crucifixion foretold of in such detail in the 22nd Psalm along with all the other prophecies given concerning the Messiah, there can be NO DOUBT whatsoever (if you claim to believe the Old Testament is the Word of God) that the One spoken of in the law and the prophets is none other than Jesus Christ, for no other person could ever even come close to fulfilling even a small portion of that which was prophesied of the Anointed One of God, Emmanuel, which is to say God with us. In fact, in today's study we are going to see that even the kenites confirm that Jesus would be born in Bethlehem.

Matthew 2:1
Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judaea in the days of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem,
Notice it does not say how many wise men there were, nor does it say that they were gentiles, nor does it say that they were priests or kings. It just says that they were magoi, wise men! We know that tradition has it that there were three wise men, taken from the fact that there were three gifts presented to the young child, but there is no scriptural support for such a claim. So just remember when you sing along with "We Three Kings of Orient are...", don't confuse song lyrics based on tradition with scripture. Speculation is fine, but be wise with the wisdom of God's Word from which all true wisdom flows.

Notice also that it does not say the wise men came to Bethlehem but rather that they came to Jerusalem! The fact is that they never did go to Bethlehem and they were never, ever, present at the "nativity scene", i.e. at the manger. Only the shepherds from the field were at the manger. You see, the wise men will confirm to Herod that it was about two years since they saw the "star" declaring the birth of Messiah and so obviously by the time they arrived they were much too late for the manger!

Nevertheless, when the wise men started to inquire concerning the whereabouts of the King of the Jews, they caused quite a stir among the people and when word of their quest reached Herod the king, he became very troubled indeed! Here then is the first question found in the New Testament:

[2] Saying, Where is He that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen His star in the east, and are come to worship Him.
How "wise" indeed these men were for they had come to worship the King of Israel knowing with certitude that He had been born! The question is, "How would they have known that the 'star' meant Messiah had come?" That's easy! Wisdom from the Word of God foretold of that Star of Israel!
Numbers 24:16
He hath said, which heard the words of God, and knew the knowledge of the most High, which saw the vision of the Almighty, falling into a trance, but having his eyes open:
That about says it all concerning the qualifications of a "wise" person... and a word to wise is always sufficient.
[17] I shall see him, but not now: I shall behold him, but not nigh: there shall come a Star out of Jacob, and a Sceptre shall rise out of Israel, and shall smite the corners of Moab, and destroy all the children of Sheth."
Beware that there is another "star" spoken of in scripture... a fallen "star" whose name is "Lucifer", which means "morning star"! Isaiah 14:12: "How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!" That "fallen star" shall soon be released by the one who is holding him back (Michael, Rev. 12:7-9) and shall come to this earth claiming to be the Messiah. We shall learn of him  and also of his children of disobedience, the tares, later, in this great Book of Matthew and what a great "gift of God" this book is! Now back to Matthew 2.
Matthew 2:3
When Herod the king had heard these things, he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him.
We see that King Herod is in control and he intends to remain that way, whatever the cost may be to others! That's Satan's way, alright, and Satan will even get this heathen to kill innocent little babies and children in order to further his selfish agenda. Nice guy!

Now notice what he does next:

Matthew 2:4
And when he had gathered all the chief priests and scribes of the people together, he demanded of them where Christ should be born.
Herod sure took the "wise" men seriously, didn't he? He believed them concerning their "knowledge" of the "Star" and so he proceeded to do the work of the evil wicked one, to seek and destroy the King of Israel, Jesus Christ. He began by assembling all the religious leaders, the high priest and members of the Sanhedrin along with the scribes of the people, and demanded that they tell him where Christ would be born!

This event shall prove to be not only a witness against Herod, but against the scribes and Pharisees themselves who out of their own mouths shall confirm from scripture that Messiah, the Anointed One, would be born in Bethlehem of Judea. (A wise person should be able to "see" that this is also a witness against the false messiah to come who shall never be able to fulfill all the things written of the true Messiah and contained in this Book of Matthew). Only Jesus Christ fulfills the law and the prophets!

[5] And they said unto him, In Bethlehem of Judaea: for thus it is written by the prophet,
Imagine that? They found it and actually correctly quoted the scripture (next verse). However, isn't it interesting that none of them wanted to go to Bethlehem to seek the Christ child to worship Him? That doesn't speak much concerning their wisdom and love of God, does it? Here is what they found in the Old Testament (it is written) concerning the birthplace of the "Ruler in Israel" who shall come and reign forever!
Micah 5:2
But thou, Bethlehem Ephratah, though thou be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of thee shall He come forth unto me that is to be ruler in Israel; whose goings forth have been from of old, from everlasting.
Here is that verse from Micah, in the Old Testament, recorded in Matthew 2:6, in the New Testament. It is all the Word of God!
Matthew 2:6
And thou Bethlehem, in the land of Juda, art not the least among the princes of Juda: for out of thee shall come a Governor, that shall rule my people Israel.
The word Beth-lehem means "house of bread" (beth = house, lehem = bread). Is it any wonder that the true Bread of Life who came down from above to tabernacle among men would be born in a town named "House of Bread"? How perfect the Word of God.
Matthew 2:7
Then Herod, when he had privily called the wise men, enquired of them diligently what time the star appeared.
Next, Herod wanted to know from the "wise men" exactly WHEN they saw the star appear! The reason was so that he would know about how old the Christ child was. Take heed when non believers want information concerning God's Word! You "see", Herod the Great Hypocrite, while plotting in his heart to murder Jesus Christ, spoke such sweet sounding and reassuring words to the wise men, acting as if he was genuinely interested "as they are" in going and worshipping the King! Yeah right! Take an object lesson from this when dealing with politicians and kenites, for the wise men did discuss the time they first saw the star appear, not readily discerning that this creep would later use the information he had extracted to murder innocent babies and toddlers from 2 years and under.
[8] And he sent them to Bethlehem, and said, Go and search diligently for the young child; and when ye have found him, bring me word again, that I may come and worship him also.
Though he had no intentions of worshipping anyone other than himself, a characteristic type of antichrist for sure, someday old king Herod along with everyone else will come and worship at Christ's feet, for it is written that every nation, including all the rich men and kings of the earth, shall bow a knee to the King of kings. The difference is, "wise men" do so now!
Matthew 2:9
When they had heard the king, they departed; and, lo, the star, which they saw in the east, went before them, till it came and stood over where the young child was.

[10] When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy.

Father always takes care of His own and as you can "see", these wise men had Divine guidance in their sincere hunger and thirst to seek the King of kings. And you can just imagine how thrilled and overjoyed they must have been in "knowing" that God was with them! Do you know the feeling? He has promised to "never leave you nor forsake you" (Heb. 13:5).

By the way, notice in verse 9 that there is no reference to a "babe" in a manger (brehpos in Greek, infant) but rather to a "young child" (paidion, toddler) in a house (next verse) because as verse 16 will document, Jesus was probably close to 2 years old at this time and certainly no longer in a manger.

[11] And when they were come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother, and fell down, and worshipped Him: and when they had opened their treasures, they presented unto him gifts; gold, and frankincense, and myrrh.
The wise men fell down and worshipped Him only, not His mother Mary. And they "presented", i.e. offered, meaning in a ceremonial or reverent manner, their gifts of gold, to the King of kings, and frankincense and myrrh to the Lord of lords. Yes, one day soon in like manner, every knee including all the kings of the earth shall "fall down" (bow a knee) to Jesus Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords. You "see", eventually He will either be your King and your Lord or you will no longer exist after the great white judgment.
[12] And being warned of God in a dream that they should not return to Herod, they departed into their own country another way.
Following their visit, the wise men received a warning from God that they should not return to Herod and so they headed for home using an alternate route. Just wait until Herod finds this out for then all "hell" and "death" shall break loose in the land as this "mad man" after the manner of the "death angel" himself, slaughters all the children two years and under in Bethlehem and in all the coasts thereof! Take an object lesson from this too and know that though they speak such sweet and convincing words of peace, Satan's children of disobedience have no compassion of the innocent when it comes to furthering their agenda.

In our next study, we will see Divine intervention continue as more and more prophecy concerning the King of kings is fulfilled exactly as it is written leaving no doubt whatsoever that Jesus Christ is Emmanuel, which is to say "God with us".

To study the Bible is the noblest of all pursuits; to understand it, the highest of all goals.
We pray that with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you accomplish both.

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