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My note: Where Judgment Begins Ref. Scripture 1 Peter 4:17 & Ezek.. 9:6

God told Peter "Judgment" begins at the house of God

Scripture 1 Peter 4:17  For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?
18  And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?
19  Wherefore let them that suffer according to the will of God commit the keeping of their souls to him in well doing, as unto a faithful Creator.

What did God tell Ezekiel about this "Judgment"?

God had taken Ezekiel back to the elders at Tel-abib, and He told Ezekiel that you are not going to believe the abominations that are going on in My House, called the church. The time that Ezekiel was brought to, was in the end times. In this chapter God is still talking about what is being carried on in those church houses, and He is going to take actions against them.

Ezekiel 9:1 "He cried also in mine ears with a loud voice, saying, "cause them that have charged over the city to draw near, even every man with his destroying weapon in his hand."

God's voice is loud in He is expressing His unhappiness with what is going on in His church houses. God is telling Ezekiel to tell those men [women] who have charge over Jerusalem, and all their combat troops to come real close and pay close attention to what He is about to say.

Ezekiel 9:2 "And, behold, six men came from the way of the higher gate, which lieth toward the north, and every man a slaughter weapon in his hand; and one man among them was clothed in linen, with a writer's inkhorn by his side: and they went in, and stood beside the brasen altar."

Here is that gate on the side of the north again, the gate that the Antichrist will rule the earth from. Remember this is happening in Ezekiel's vision, when he was brought in the spirit to the time of the end. This slaughter weapon is a weapon that breaks into pieces when used.

In other words, there are seven men here, six of them are coming with their slaughtering weapon in hand, and the other is a man clothed in linen, with this inkhorn carried by his side. So we see that of the seven men, six are about to break heads in destruction, while one is to record what is happening. This is the force in the latter days that God sends to bring order amongst His elect.

This is addressed to us in the last days, to let us know that those of the elect are about to get things in order, one way or another. The elect are about to wake up as to the feelings of our Heavenly Father.

Ezekiel 9:3 "And the glory of the God of Israel was gone up from the cherub, whereupon He was, to the threshold of the house. And He called to the man clothed with linen, which had the writer's inkhorn by his side: and they went in, and stood beside the brasen altar."

We can refer back to verse 1:20 and we will see that this cherub is the vehicle (SPACE SHIP) that is carrying the throne that brought the Father here. God is still on that cherub, and now He has left that vehicle (SPACE SHIP), and entered into that church house. God is then calling out to the man in the house with the inkhorn, and telling him to come closer and receive instructions. This is the time just before the arrival of Satan, the Antichrist, when he appears on earth, and the preparation is now underway

See Live Link to- God's Space Ship

Ezekiel 9:4  And the LORD said unto him, Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof. 

The marking, or placing the seal of God in the foreheads of God's elect is about to begin. God now tells this angel to go throughout all Jerusalem [Remember that in the last days of this earth age Jerusalem will control the world], and mark every person that "sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done". Most Christians today don't know the abominations, for these abominations they think are of God. This marking by this angel will set aside and separate those who know, the true word of God, from the traditions now being taught in our churches.

The climax of all the desolations will be, Satan, the Antichrist, standing in Jerusalem, claiming to be God, and the entire world will believe it; all except those that this angel with the inkhorn will put his marking on. Those that cry, and those that sigh are weeping because they see their own relatives bowing to the "son of perdition", the Antichrist. In ignorance, their relatives bow to Satan, they think that the Antichrist is Jesus, because they have not studied God's Word.

In the ancient Hebrew that was used in the time of this writing, and not in the modern day Hebrew, this mark that is placed on, or in the forehead is the last letter in that Hebrew alphabet, a cross. "Set a cross on, or in their foreheads" of them that weep for the deception that takes place.

In the Strong's Hebrew dictionary # 8420, the Mark; "Tav, signature, a desired mark." The Hebrew form written at ancient times is an cross. So this mark will be a signature upon, or in your forehead, that sets you out from all the others, as one who knows who the Antichrist is. It is your knowledge of the scriptures in your mind, that allows your ability to separate the false doctrines, from God's word. This is not new news to those that understand the seal of God. They've read it all before, in their Bibles!

Remember in Revelation 7:1-3 where God gave the command to hold back the four winds of the earth, "until we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads". Your brain is in your forehead, and the final deception will not take place until all those of God will have that knowledge implanted in their minds. They know and understand God's Word.

Then in Revelation 9:1-11, God tells "Abaddon [Hebrew], which is Apollyon [Greek]", and in the English, Satan, the Antichrist that he can go down to the earth and hurt and deceive all the people on the earth EXCEPT MINE ELECT. See Revelation 9:4. Why can't Satan harm us? Because when you know the signs of the times, and know what to expect, you see Satan for the imitation that he is, and Satan is not tempting to any of God elect.

Ezekiel 9:5  And to the others he said in mine hearing, Go ye after him through the city, and smite: let not your eye spare, neither have ye pity:

God is saying to the other angels with the slaughtering weapons in their hands, as Ezekiel is watching, go through the city and all the people that do not have the understanding in their minds, smite them. Don't take pity on them and spare none of them. 

American Wisdom Series Note: This is spiritual death being talked about here, not physical death.

Ezekiel 9:6  Slay utterly old and young, both maids, and little children, and women: but come not near any man upon whom is the mark; and begin at my sanctuary. Then they began at the ancient men which were before the house.

This is our Heavenly Father speaking, and giving the command. Is this slaughtering of their physical bodies? No, it is far worse than that, it is in their minds, and their souls. They will not have the ability to to understand, and their minds will be turned over to Satan. The hope of grace, and eternal life is taken from them as a gift, and their works will be given over to Satan.

God's command to these angels that will search out the cities for God's elect, will start in the church houses. These angels are going into the church houses and get those ministers and priests that are teaching the ancient pagan rites that have been adopted into the traditions, and taught as being the things of God. They will slaughter the minds from understanding truths, also, of those who sit and play church, and lead others to play church, and call themselves by what ever name they can dream up. God said, you start with them first.

My fellow Christian, this is in the Old Testament, but this is directed to all those living in the time of the end. It is not for the Ancients; it is for you in this 21st. century. It is time to stop playing church, and get deep into God's word, and know the signs of our times before this slaughtering is on your mind. The ministers are first, then those in responsible positions within the church, and on down to even include the children, and very old ladies of the church.

The death that will be caused at this time is a spiritual death, and that is far worse than a physical death, it is your soul that we are talking about. This slaughtering is the spiritual blindness that will come by the deceptions, and lying wonders of Satan that will follow soon. They have brought abominations into God's house, and they deserve to be the first to follow after Antichrist's abominations.

Ezekiel 9:7 "And He said unto them, "Defile the house, and fill the courts with the slain: go ye forth." And they went forth, and slew in the city."

This defiling of the House of God, and preparation for the Antichrist to be received, will start in the very houses of God (it already has started). It will spread through the courts, and laws of the governments of those calling themselves Christian, and into every part of every nations on this earth, until only the elect of God will be able to know the truth. The political system will then receive its mortal wound, because the world will be ready to receive the Antichrist as their messiah.

This is not something new, the entire Bible from the beginning to the end has been directed to these final days, to the time when the true test of all mankind will come. God's warning to His people continues, yet His people seemed to be pleased in chasing after every wind of doctrine that hits them in the face. At the first time Satan sets foot on this earth, and claims to be the messiah, they will believe him, for their ministers have taught them so. Then in ignorance they will condemn their own souls.

It is time to hear the word of God, and pay attention.

Ezekiel 9:8 "and it came to pass, while they were slaying them, and I was left, that I fell upon my face, and cried, and said, "Ah Lord God! wilt Thou destroy all the residue of Israel in thy pouring out of Thy fury upon Jerusalem?"

God is a jealous God and this shall take place as it is written in the eleventh chapter of Revelation.

Every living human being needs to read and understand what"Mystery Babylon" is all about. Your eternal life depends on it! God warned us in Revelation 18:4 to "Come out of her" But come out of what? You Need to Know!   Live Link to-"Mystery Babylon

Ezekiel 9:9 "Then said He unto me, "the iniquity of the house of Israel and Judah is exceeding great, and the land is full of blood, and the city full of perverseness: for they say, 'The Lord hath forsaken the earth, and the Lord seeth not.' "

The iniquity that is in the Christian nations [House of Israel] is exceeding great. The blood is not only violence, but spiritual murder, lies and wickedness. The church world calling themselves Christian, have twisted their vain imaginations to where they don't even know who the true Lord is. They are going to be tricked to be that first woman taken from the field; they will be the whore of the Antichrist, and stand in great shame at the return of the True Messiah.

The elect of God will not be included in this bunch, for they have the "tav", the mark, the true word of God in their mind. You don't deceive an informed people, and Satan has no power over anyone who can identify him for what he is. Are you either on that true foundation of Jesus Christ, or are you mixed up over God's word. There is no half way!

Ezekiel 9:10 "And as for Me also, Mine eye shall not spare, neither will I have pity, but I will recompense their way upon their head."

When that time has come and gone, and the Antichrist is in the pit; after our Lords return. God is saying that He will not have any pity on anyone who has given themselves over to Satan.

Ezekiel 9:11 "And, behold, the man clothed with linen, which had the inkhorn by his side, reported the matter, saying, "I have done as Thou hast commanded me."

This "man clothed with linen", the angel with the inkhorn is reporting back to God that he has finished exactly what God had commanded Him to do. He was obedient to God, and the job is complete. This is prophecy of a time just ahead of our current time, which may be in days, months, or even a few years.

It is now our time to bring the knowledge and set that knowledge in the foreheads of those around us, for the time is short. Can you report unto God at His return, it is done as thou has commanded? It is time to get the word of the living God out to whom ever will listen; this is still the planting time for us; God will do the watering and the harvesting of the souls, but ours is to plant those seeds of truth while it is still in season.

Live Link to-Is the seed yet in the barn?

If you are still looking for a rapture, a snatching away of the saints, you are on dangerous ground, for the first to come, that man on the white horse of the first seal of Revelation 6:2 is the Antichrist. He has a bow, but no arrows. He is the man of deception, and the one who will promise you the world, for just a bent knee to him. the whole world will bow, but will you?

It is very difficult to start our witnessing at the very church itself, and some will think that we are condemning the whole church system, and all the people within it. We are not singling out any specific church, or any doctrine of a specific church, because there are good men and women in all churches. It is not a matter of the entire system being bad, but there are individuals within those systems that God has His hands on. God is calling His people out of that system. We must keep that framework open, whereby we can work within all churches, to point out error in doctrine.

God is calling His elect from all the churches of every type of doctrine, as is made clear in Revelation chapters two and three, as Jesus Christ tells us what He thinks of all of the seven kinds of churches that are existing in these last days. Entering a church building will not get you prepared for the days ahead of us, if the one at the pulpit is not getting the the word of God out. Though the young and old alike have love in their heart for Jesus, and sit Sunday after Sunday, if they are not told the difference they will be taken by the wrong christ, the Antichrist.

It is time to know what you believe in, and which Christ you believe in, the first Christ (Satan), or the second Christ (The real Jesus). Are you being taught of the two Christs? If you are not, this is the misery, abominations, and deceptions that Ezekiel has been talking about over the past five chapters. If you have been sitting in the pew of a church of God's house for the past twenty years, then you should be a twenty year scholar in God's word, studied and ready to give answer to any seeking the signs of the final days. However most calling themselves Christians today are little more then bottle sucking, diapered, spiritual babies whimpering over God's word, and have little, or no idea what the words meant at the altar call they answered to years ago. My fellow Christian, it is time to wake up, and prepare yourself.

God tells Ezekiel he is sending him to prophesy to the children of the rebellious people from of ancient Israel who now make up the Christian nations of the world. To a people who have rebelled against God; they and their fathers have transgressed against God, and do even unto this very day. And when these things come to pass, and they will, then they shall know that a prophet hath been among them. If you call yourself a Christian and you care about your eternal life, it is best that you read all of Ezekiel. Live Link to- The Book of Ezekiel

To study the Bible is the noblest of all pursuits; to understand it, the highest of all goals.
We pray that with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you accomplish both.

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