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Pamphlet #5005
  Did it ever occur to you that you are being deceived
if you have never been taught
why God didn't destroy Satan way back
when He sentenced him to perish.

He is going to use Satan to teach us, His other children,
that the consequence of disobedience is eternal death.

But first he must allow us to experience death,
not eternal death,
but physical death (as in flesh and blood death)

You see, in our study to date we are still in the first earth age. We are not in bodies that will die. Up to this time only animals had flesh and blood bodies. God will now teach us to know and appreciate what death is like.

Yes, Satan will be a terror for a little while, even as God will use him in His Plan, and people will be astonished at him when he is allowed to show up as the false-christ in this final generation of this second earth age and assume his former lofty position
(for he will claim to be Jesus Christ).

But his sentence has already been passed and it is FINAL,
and there is no appeal to a higher authority,
for there is no higher authority than our Father.

What about all of the other children who Satan lead to sin?
We didn't read anything about them being judged!
Were any other sons judged back then?

Yes, actually there were some who were later judged
(though they were not fallen ones) and even justified.
We will read all about them soon enough!
You might even be one of them!

But the good news is that the next court date set for FINAL JUDGMENT
has been postponed until AFTER the Millennium,
because our Father has a Plan to save many of His children, even though they sinned

It is called the Plan of Salvation, and it is a Plan of Love for His children!

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