The "American Wisdom Series"
   Pamphlet #509

The Holocaust or Abortion
Which is the greater sin?

Since nations have no eternal life
God punishes them in this world.

Caution Caution Caution very graphic pictures below
The Holocaust was a Terrible Sin
against humanity.

6,000,000 Jews slaughtered by Hitler and his followers
while the good people in Germany did nothing to stop him.


God punished Germany by dividing the nation
into two parts for fifty years;
East Germany living under Communist oppression.

American Abortion is a much worse Sin
against humanity

60,000,000 conceived but unborn babies
have been slaughtered
under the self justification of "Choice"
while the good people of America do nothing.



What will America's punishment be?
When will it start?


Since the killing to date is seven times worse
than the Holocaust,
will our nation's punishment
be seven times worse than Germanys?

Who will be living in America
when the punishment is implemented?

Will it be you?
Will it be your children?
Will it be your grandchildren?

Is that what you want for them?

Then do something!

Register to vote and
help us elect moral leaders.
Leaders who will stop 
the murder of our children!

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