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Pamphlet #6207 Genesis KC 3-2

Each new day begins with the words "And God said..."

Before we begin with the first day of this 2nd earth age re-creation,
as we will be moving rather quickly through the rest of chapter one,
let us note two points:

Point #1.) You will find that 34 verses in this introductory chapter begin with the word "And". This is a figure of speech called a  polysyndeton, and it is used to emphasize and carry forward, like a lamp, and important thought or word. In this case the emphasis is on "God", our Father, in verse one. Keep that thought (Him) in mind each time you read "And God....", for it is emphatic. Also, you will find that each new day begins with the words "And God said..."

Point #2.) See pamphlet #6208 Do not to be ignorant about the length of God's day

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