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Pamphlet #6230 Genesis KC 11-1

The sons of Cain made it through Noah's flood!

We have just witnessed the first murder.

Cain, the offspring of that old serpent, the devil, Satan himself, brutally killed Abel,
the first son of Adam, a righteous man.

It was that "wicked one's" second attempt (this time through his offspring)
to destroy the woman and her "seed" through which Jesus Christ, the Messiah would be born.

And since Cain was not Adam's son,
God would have to raise up another to fulfill His plan.

Verse 25 of this same chapter documents that He did,
and so Seth replaced Abel in Christ's ancestry.

Gen. 4:25 And Adam knew his wife again; and she bare a son, and called his name Seth: For God, said she, hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew.
Throughout the ages, even unto this very day, the tares of Mat. 13,
who are the children of Satan through the line of Cain,
would continue to harbor hate and even murder God's children and His prophets.

That enmity God said would be there in Gen 3:15 is a sure thing.

God's Word is always true.

The word "Cain" in Hebrew is "Kajin", spelled with a "K", and so his children are naturally called Kenites, a transliteration (which is basically a letter to letter conversion) from the Hebrew to English. Look up the word "kenites" in a World Book Encyclopedia Dictionary. They are defined as the children of Cain (Kain-ites).

It was the kenites who were responsible for the murder of Jesus Christ,
though Judah has taken the "rap" because of the ignorance of the unlearned.

It was the kenites, beginning with their father Cain, the first murderer,
who killed the prophets and righteous men of God.

And guess what?

Christ called them "serpents" and "vipers".

Where have we heard that terminology used before?

In the garden, of course!

And they are a bunch of snakes.

Matthew 23:29-35
Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because ye build the tombs of the prophets, and garnish the sepulchres of the righteous, [30] And say, If we had been in the days of our fathers, we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the prophets. [31] Wherefore ye be witnesses unto yourselves, that ye are the children of them which killed the prophets. [32] Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers. [33] Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell? [34] Wherefore, behold, I send unto you prophets, and wise men, and scribes: and some of them ye shall kill and crucify; and some of them shall ye scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city: [35] That upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias son of Barachias, whom ye slew between the temple and the altar.
At the time of Christ, the kenites "sat in the seat of Moses",
meaning they were in charge of the church.

They had become the scribes and Pharisees,
affixing themselves to the true house of Israel in 1 Chron. 2:55.

1 Chron. 2:55
And the families of the scribes which dwelt at Jabez; the Tirathites, the Shimeathites, and Suchathites. These are the Kenites that came of Hemath, the father of the house of Rechab.
And by the way, the time of 1 Chron. 2:55 is well after the flood of Noah!

Do you know what that means?

The sons of Cain made it through the flood!

But, how is that possible?

It is really quite simple and we will learn the exciting truth of the matter when we get to Rev. chapter six.

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