The American Wisdom Series

Pamphlet #7070

  The United States in Prophecy

Are the people of the United States, the British Nations,
and Northwestern European nations mentioned in Bible prophecies?

These nations became, in the past two centuries,
the wealthiest nations, and potentially at least, the most powerful.

They possessed, at their height of power,
almost three fourths of all the wealth and resources of the world.

All other nations, combined, had little more than a fourth divided among them.

And they acquired nearly all of it since AD 1800.

Never has there been anything like it in history.
Never did a people spread out and grow so rapidly to wealth and power.
Never were a people so rich.


To study the Bible is the noblest of all pursuits; to understand it, the highest of all goals.
We pray that with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you accomplish both.

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