You may ask, "What do I have to do be awarded Eternal Life?" Is It Hard?  No It's Not! First: Admit your need (I am a sinner").
Be willing to turn from your sins (repent}.
 Believe that Jesus Christ died for you on the cross
 and rose from the grave. Fourth: Through prayer, invite Jesus Christ to come into and control your life (receive Him as Savior and Lord). You see, it's that simple! You claim His shed blood on the the cross to cover your sins! 

If you do this you will be granted eternal life at "The First Resurrection" during Christ's return.
But, what if I backslide before then and sin some more, you ask? If you do and ask forgiveness for that sin in Jesus name, you will be forgiven and that sin will also be covered.
I have been told Satan will come to earth first, claiming he is God; What if I believe him and worship him, thinking he is God? That is why it is so critical that you study be Bible now, so that you will be able to tell the difference between what is holy (Jesus) and what is profane (Satan),. so that does not happen. If it does happen you will miss out on "The First Resurrection" to eternal life.
Then what? You will enter Christ's kingdom, here on earth as one of the "Walking Dead"
That means you will still have a mortal soul and will spend the 1000 years in
Christ's Millenniul Kingdom taking discernment and discipline classes while Satan is locked up,
What happens nex
t? Satan will  be released for a short while, to temp you to follow him again. After this Satan will be destroyed, to be no more! And at the end of the 1000 years you will face judgment at "The Great White Throne" when you will be judged by your works during the Millennium. Did you  again follow Satan, during the Millennium or were you now faithful to our Lord "Jesus the Christ? If you were now faithful you will be judged worthy of Eternal Life,  "The Second Resurrection".  If you again followed Satan it means Eternal Death, and you will also be destroyed, to be no more! BUT! BUT! BUT! This is a second chance, many will say. No it's not, because of the famine! Live Link to->> The Famine
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