#7137 The American Wisdom Series
Somethings to think about and do during this political season.
All seasons!

Christian---The day is fast approaching when it will be too late---Pray and speak out now in defense of your Christian liberties as established in the Bible and confirmed by our founding fathers in the constitution of the United States of America. Don't let them take those rights from us. 

Vote for people who know that...

Tolerance is killing true Christianity!

We Christians are trying to be too tolerant.
We really need to stand up for what is right and what the Bible says.


We're losing our relationship with God
because we're trying to be nice

Sometimes standing up for God and truth offends people,
and that's OK; But we must stick firmly to our Christian principles and let the chips fall where God leads them!

We need Christian people to be bold for their faith and to pray about the direction that we and our church is taking and the moral degradation that is occurring in our country.
Evangelicalism has lost its way.
 Much of the Evangelical movement is in the process of melting down and following the disastrous trajectory of mainline Protestant liberalism which has betrayed the Gospel ignominiously over the last 200 years

We have stood back and allowed our nation
to become basically atheist!

When is the last time you heard a So-Called-Christian leader,
in public, 
 condemn the immorality of ABORTION or SAME SEX BEHAVIOR?
Most of them don't even end their public prayers in Jesus name anymore! It makes you wonder about their private prayers! What is that example teaching our children? Will our children, of the next or second generation know that to reach God the Father you must pray through Jesus and in His name?

Prayer changes things.
It's time to get busy, time to get serious about our walk with God.
Time to wear out our knees!
The time for an impact is now, as the proverbial walls are crumbling from the moral rot of abortion, sexual rebellion and the idol of money.

It's God that has given us our freedoms, and we are ignoring God
 and turning our back on Him, and His basic Biblical principles.
God is calling us to pray, to repent, and to turn back to Him.
God will bring judgment on this nation and our churches.
We are close to God's judgment now.

Changes in cultural norms and the decaying morals of our nation,
 changes in laws,
 pressure for political correctness and infringement of our rights as Christians... have become the norm;
 and we've accepted it like sheep.

Our nation is in trouble spiritually, racially, economically and politically.

If the power of God can move mountains in the life of a person,
 think of what He can do for an entire nation!

After all; Those mountains talked about in Scripture, ARE NATIONS!

We can change ours,
There is still time; But not much time!

Let us lead our churches back to what Jesus had in mind--
to be houses of prayer and worship.
Not social clubs!

God is calling for prayer warriors to stand up and pray.

 And stop the things seeping into
our churches,
our schools
our government;
 not necessarily in that order!

I have no hope in either the Democrat or the Republican party.
My only hope is in the Lord Jesus Christ
His power to transform hearts and bring moral renewal.

As I witness the unbelievable rise and influence of the gay lobby
across the social landscape,
the vicious assault on the family,
the continued disengagement of young people in the life of the church,
 and the blatant hostility towards Christians,
I am gravely concerned for the future of our children and grandchildren.

I hear that defiant refrain sweeping across our nation today, exclaiming,
 "We do not want Jesus to rule over us,
We do not want to have anything to do with Him or His Word.
We hate the Name of Jesus.
We hate His followers.
We hate His truth."
That's why I believe the only answer is persistent, prevailing pleading prayer,
 and that's why we need to spend time calling to God to halt the rising tide and spread of evil.

I'd rather stand with God
be judged by the world
stand with the world
be judged by God!

How about you?

Our motto should be, 'No offense but the offense of the Gospel."

"You will never find peace and happiness until you
 are ready to commit yourself to something worth dying for."
 Let that something be Christ!
Give your life to Him and let Him rule your mind and your heart and your will.
 Go under His banner with love in your heart,
 standing up for moral righteousness,
studying the Bible,
 Let Him capture your whole personality.


To study the Bible is the noblest of all pursuits; to understand it, the highest of all goals.
We pray that with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you accomplish both.

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