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This message is for those people who seem to think Adam and Eve talked about  in Genesis chapter 2 were the male and female God created on day six as described in Genesis chapter 1, verse 27.
You are wrong, folks!

These people who think the creation account in Genesis chapter 2 is just a repeat of what happened in Genesis chapter 1 sure do have a problem explaining how in Genesis chapter 1 the animals were created before mankind 'adam yet in Genesis chapter 2 the individual man Adam 'eth-ha adam  was formed before the animals. 

I guess they think that God, in less then a dozen verses, forgot whether He created man first or animals first!  

Maybe, instead of listening to some man explain it, preacher or otherwise, these people should get a Companion Bible and study for themselves, what the original manuscripts, as preserved in the Massorah, say.

man in Genesis 1:28 is Heb. 'adam (with no Art) ="mankind", including the races.
man in Genesis 2:7 is Heb. 'eth-'Ha'adam (with Art. and Particle) ="this same individual man, Adam".

 'eth-'Ha'adam (Adam) and his help meet Eve, who God forned using a rib from 'eth-'Ha'adam.    These two individuals were formed by God, as described in Genesis chapter 2; to be the ancestors of Jesus, the Christ child, when God decided He as His only begotten Son, was to come to earth to live amongst us for a short while as a human being. Then, being both man and God, He would qualify to sacrifice His life, shedding his precious sin free blood to cover the sins of the world; For all who would believe in Him and invite Him into their heart. God's plan was that this individual man, Adam's and his help meet Eve's descendants were to remain of pure pedigree for 75 generations until the birth of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ through the pure pedigree lineage from Eve to the Virgin Mary.

The animals created in chapter 1 were wild animals (beasts of the earth); the male and female humans created in chapter 1 were hunters and gatherers and were told to go out and have children to replenish the earth after Lucifer's flood (the ice age which ended the first earth age after Lucifer's rebellion against God, when God, in His fierce anger destroyed that first earth age).

The animals formed in chapter 2 were farm animals
(beasts of the field), because Adam and his help meet Eve were farmers; Yes, old McAdam had a farm/garden, called Eden and old McAdam and Eve were to stay home, keeping their blood line pure for the birth of our Lord to be born into; but staying home didn't happen for they got kicked out of the garden for having sex with Satan. On top of that, Satan had fellow fallen angels come to earth to have sex with daughters of Adam and Eve, having children by them. That was the reason for Noah's flood; to rid the earth of these hybrids, when there were only 8 pure blood descendants of Adam and Eve left in the land.

The following is from Appendix #14 in the Companion Bible:
 'Adam, without the article, denotes man or mankind in general (Genesis 1:26; 2:5; 5:1, followed by plural pronoun). With the article, it denotes the man, Adam, though rendered "man" in Genesis 1:27; 2:7 (twice) 8,15,16,19 (margin), 22 (twice); 3:12,22,24; 5:1; 6:1 (rendered "men"), 2,3,4. With the particle ('eth) in addition to the article it is very emphatic, and means self, very, this same, this very. See Genesis 2:7 (first occurrence), 8,15. Rendered in the Septuagint (anthropos) 411 times; (aner) eighteen times (fifteen in Proverbs); once (thnetos), Proverbs 20:24 = dying; four times (brotos), mortal (all in Job); once (gegenes), earthborn, Jeremiah 32:20. 


To study the Bible is the noblest of all pursuits; to understand it, the highest of all goals.
We pray that with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you accomplish both.

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