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Pamphlet #8010 Ezekiel chapter 10

Ezekiel will once again describe in the limited vocabulary of his day the awesome "highly polished spectrum bronze vehicles" (space ship) that he was privileged to see

The Chariot of Israel with Adonai Yahveh, the Lord GOD, on board is now preparing to lift up its wings and depart from the temple, escorted by the four living beings, the cherubim who are always present at the throne of God.

It is important that we know well and remember that our Father left His throne in heaven and came to His watchman from "out of the north", meaning from on high, to first make him strong and then personally deliver His message of the final judgment of Jerusalem.

In this 10th chapter, Ezekiel will once again (a second time for emphasis) go to great lengths to describe in the limited vocabulary of his day the awesome "highly polished spectrum bronze vehicles" that he was privileged to see. One should ask, "Why is so much space in the Word of God given to the description of these whirling wheels?" and also, "Why are they described in the Book of Ezekiel?" The answer is simple. Because the watchmen of this final generation, who will witness the final judgment, are going to SEE similar vehicles, and our Father wants us to know that THEY ARE REAL!

It is interesting and most timely that not long ago on the History Channel there was a program about UFOs. Though there have been hoaxes and natural phenomena that account for some explanations, there is enough credible evidence of these Unidentified Flying Objects, or should we say these Unidentified Flying Wheels, UFWs, that their existence cannot be discounted nor denied. But they remain "unexplained" and "unidentified" to a world ignorant of God's Word.

You see, Jesus Christ said as He sat upon the Mount of Olives over against the temple, that He has foretold His servants all things concerning the events of this final generation: Mark 13:23 "But take ye heed: behold, I have foretold you all things." He didn't mean that He had just told them everything right then and there, for He wasn't even yet finished speaking. He meant that "all things foretold" are in His Word, including the Book of Ezekiel for sure.

We know that Satan and his angels are soon to be cast out of heaven to this earth (Rev. 12:7-9). And when he and those fallen angels make their appearance, it will be the most spectacular event in the history of mankind. Even many of God's elect underestimate the magnitude of "his" (little "h" for little horn) entering in, his grand entrance. It will be as it was in the days of Noah and this world today, as then, including our brothers and sisters who follow the traditions of men, is not at all mentally nor spiritually prepared to face these "wonderful" angels and the one who leads them and calls himself the Messiah Returned, who will be none other than the son of perdition, Satan.

What a tremendous advantage we have by knowing our Father's Word, through which "He has strengthened" His watchmen. The time is at hand, which means very near.

Note: If you are just joining our study of Ezekiel and have not read the first chapter, (see Live Link to->> pamphlet #8001 chapter 1) we suggest you do so, for we have already explained in detail much of that which is repeated in this chapter 10.

Ezekiel 10:1
Then I looked, and, behold, in the firmament that was above the head of the cherubims there appeared over them as it were a sapphire stone, as the appearance of the likeness of a throne.
What an awesome sight it must have been to see the very throne of God.
[2] And he spake unto the man clothed with linen, and said, Go in between the wheels, even under the cherub, and fill thine hand with coals of fire from between the cherubims, and scatter them over the city. And he went in in my sight.
Remember this man of linen from the previous chapter (chapter 9 of Ezekiel) who went about setting a "Tav", a cross, upon the heads of the truly "saved" who were spared the spiritual slaughtering which followed him. So this scattering of "coals of fire" over the city of Jerusalem is symbolic of God's judgment upon the House of Israel, for He is a consuming fire: Hebrews 12:29 "For our God is a consuming fire." And although this scattering of "fire" over the city is specific to the judgment of the house of God, for the elders have failed to teach His Word line by line and chapter by chapter, in Rev. 8 we read of the casting of "fire" from the altar of God over the whole earth at the judgment of the final hour to come upon this generation.
Rev. 8:1
And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour.

[5] And the angel took the censer, and filled it with fire of the altar, and cast it into the earth: and there were voices, and thunderings, and lightnings, and an earthquake.

[6] And the seven angels which had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound.

Always remember from the graphic example in the Book of Daniel of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, that fire cannot and will not hurt those who serve and love the Lord God.
Ezekiel 10:3
Now the cherubims stood on the right side of the house, when the man went in; and the cloud filled the inner court.
The house is the house of God.
[4] Then the glory of the LORD went up from the cherub, and stood over the threshold of the house; and the house was filled with the cloud, and the court was full of the brightness of the LORD'S glory.
Have you ever wondered what this was in Exodus 13:21 "And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night:", or have you settled for Cecil B. DeMille's concept in the classic film "The Ten Commandments"?

It might help to look up the word "pillar" in your Strong's Concordance and see that it means "platform".

[5] And the sound of the cherubims' wings was heard even to the outer court, as the voice of the Almighty God when he speaketh.
The sound of wings was that of the wings of the wheels as they hovered.
[6] And it came to pass, that when he had commanded the man clothed with linen, saying, Take fire from between the wheels, from between the cherubims; then he went in, and stood beside the wheels.

[7] And one cherub stretched forth his hand from between the cherubims unto the fire that was between the cherubims, and took thereof, and put it into the hands of him that was clothed with linen: who took it, and went out.

After awhile this Book of Ezekiel isn't so hard to read, is it? (Of course the old English style of the KJV leaves a lot to be desired for English readers today.)
Ezekiel 10:8
And there appeared in the cherubims the form of a man's hand under their wings.

[9] And when I looked, behold the four wheels by the cherubims, one wheel by one cherub, and another wheel by another cherub: and the appearance of the wheels was as the colour of a beryl stone.

As we learned in chapter one, the word "colour" is the Hebrew word "ayin", which means "appeared to the eye as" or we could say "looked like". These vehicles were brilliant and shiny like a gem such as a topaz.
[10] And as for their appearances, they four had one likeness, as if a wheel had been in the midst of a wheel.
Don't let this be difficult. Just picture these four escort ships in formation below and around the "mother ship". Ezekiel couldn't say it like that because he never saw Star Trek or Star Wars, although what he saw far surpasses any movie you or I have ever seen.
Ezekiel 10:11
When they went, they went upon their four sides; they turned not as they went, but to the place whither the head looked they followed it; they turned not as they went.
The flying wheels were horizontal (on their sides), not vertical like the wheels of a cart. They flew in any direction while the emblems on their wings, like an American Eagle insignia on a jet, and the cherubs inside, faced forward and didn't turn as the vehicles moved any which way they wanted to, kind of like a helicopter can maneuver. This was definitely an unusual sight to a man 2500 years ago.
[12] And their whole body, and their backs, and their hands, and their wings, and the wheels, were full of eyes round about, even the wheels that they four had.
They had windows, call them portholes, all around them. That's what "full of eyes" means.
[13] As for the wheels, it was cried unto them in my hearing, O wheel.
"O wheel" in Hebrew translates to "Whirl, whirl" or "Whirl-Wheels" as one translation has it. Here's the Hebrew from Strong's:
galgal, gal-gal', Hebrew 1534; by reduplication from Hebrew 1556 (galal); a wheel; by analogy a whirlwind; also dust (as whirled) :- heaven, rolling thing, wheel.
That's right! They were whirling, highly polished, spectrum bronze, flying discs.
Ezekiel 10:14
And every one had four faces: the first face was the face of a cherub, and the second face was the face of a man, and the third the face of a lion, and the fourth the face of an eagle.
Remember, these are the same as the standards, the national emblems, of the encampment of Israel.

Here's an excerpt from Live Link to->>Pamphlet #8001:
Look! The standard of Judah is the lion, the standard of Reuben is a man, the standard of Ephraim is the bull, ox, and the standard of Dan is the eagle.

The encampment from the Book of Numbers chapter 2:


(W)      EPHRAIM                                JUDAH      (E)
         (Taurus)                                    (Lion)

                                    (a Man)


Note: If you are receiving this study in text format only and aren't receiving the graphics, then turn to Numbers chapter 2 in your Companion Bible and you will see a diagram of the encampment of Israel.
Ezekeil 10:15
And the cherubims were lifted up. This is the living creature that I saw by the river of Chebar.
This is the very same thing Ezekiel saw in chapter 1.
[16] And when the cherubims went, the wheels went by them: and when the cherubims lifted up their wings to mount up from the earth, the same wheels also turned not from beside them.
This simply means that the cherubims and the wheels rose up together, obviously because the cherubims were in the vehicles (see chapter 1 and next verse). And when they rose up they raised their landing gear!
[17] When they stood, these stood; and when they were lifted up, these lifted up themselves also: for the spirit of the living creature was in them.
They were inside the flying discs (I'm staying away from the phrase "flying saucers" lest people accuse me of being "nuts". They have enough cause already without me heaping coals of fire upon my own head.).
[18] Then the glory of the LORD departed from off the threshold of the house, and stood over the cherubims.
Our Father is always situated above for He is the One on high.
Ezekiel 10:19
And the cherubims lifted up their wings, and mounted up from the earth in my sight: when they went out, the wheels also were beside them, and every one stood at the door of the east gate of the LORD'S house; and the glory of the God of Israel was over them above.
They raised their landing gear and they took off! Then they hovered at door of the "east" gate of the temple below the main vehicle before lifting off.
Note: Did you know that if you look out from east gate of the temple you will see the river Kedron and the Mount of Olives?
[20] This is the living creature that I saw under the God of Israel by the river of Chebar; and I knew that they were the cherubims.
This is exactly the same thing that Ezekiel saw in chapter 1.
[21] Every one had four faces apiece, and every one four wings; and the likeness of the hands of a man was under their wings.

[22] And the likeness of their faces was the same faces which I saw by the river of Chebar, their appearances and themselves: they went every one straight forward.

And so Ezekiel, the watchman of God, was privileged to see the Chariot of Israel and the cherubims who piloted it (look up the word "horsemen" in the following verse). This is the same Chariot of Israel that was sent for Elijah (remember he was taken up in a "whirlwind" (Yes in a space ship also!) and Elisha saw it and recognized the insignias of Israel, i.e. the Eagle, the Man, the Ox, and the Lion.
2 Kings 2:12
And Elisha saw it, and he cried, My father, my father, the chariot of Israel, and the horsemen thereof. And he saw him no more: and he took hold of his own clothes, and rent them in two pieces.
What an exciting time we live in! The watchmen of this generation are being strengthened even as we read this study of His enlightening Word. He has foretold us all things and we thank Him so much for that.

To study the Bible is the noblest of all pursuits; to understand it, the highest of all goals.
We pray that with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you accomplish both.

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