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#5161God did not inspire Paul to attend a tent revival to convert him, nor did Paul come forward to an altar call. Jesus Christ simply knocked him off his horse with a lightning bolt and said "you're mine, dude"!
#5162Man's "recorded" history only spans about 6000 years or SIX DAYS and the LORD'S DAY, the Millennium, fast approaches.
#5163   I guess those who walk around with half a book (just the New Testament) can't know much about the Millennium or the inheritance of the saints.
#5164Some may ask,"Why is it, that the Bible is written in such a "divided" fashion that one must go digging for the truth?" The answer is, "so that when you go digging for it, you'll find it!"
#5165Many who are of true Israel call themselves Gentiles, while many of the "children of disobedience" run around claiming they are God's chosen people, when in fact many are not even descendents of Judah or Israel.
#5166   All things were created by Jesus Christ, the Living Word. Did you know that?
#5167 Let us not  parenthetically recap the "mysteries" Paul taught.
#5168   While Jesus was in the tomb He "knocked on Satan's door" and preached (offered salvation now that He had paid the price) to those held captive by Satan, even those from all the way back to Noah's time (1 Pet 3:18).
#5169 Remember the "Dark Ages", so called because the church system withheld the light of truth from the people, and only those "with permission" could have access to the Bible. What? A church would do that?
#5170   Instead of going our way "giving thanks to God" for what He has done, we shall be giving way to mourning for what we have not done.
#5171 If you worship some "thing", be it sex, money, whatever, or some "one" other than our Father, then you have no inheritance.
#5172   Both sons and daughters shall be, and are, used mightily of God.
#5173 A husband should consider his wife as part of himself, so that in loving her he is loving himself.
#5174   It is wrong for parents to "obey" their children.
#5175  Once again, notice that this has "been kept secret from the foundation of the world".