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Chapters 40-48
Prophecies Concerning the Millennial Kingdom
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When Lance Knight stopped maintaining his "King's Chapel" web site he published the following statement, "When you measure the current temple of God you will find it to be FULL OF SIXES for it is full of idolatry and abominations! Now I know that we have been told chapters 40 – 44 for example in the great book of Ezekiel pertain to the millennium… but that was a bill of goods we all (myself included) bought from man! But it is not so stated nor supported from our Father’s Word. Hopefully you have gotten rid of all those supposed riches of wisdom and knowledge from “men”. Again, SHAME on us ALL!" ...Lancelot C. Knight
I am not sure I understand exactly what Lance is telling us but as we read the excerpts from his original study of Ezekiel Chapters 40 through 44, which we are now publishing on this site, please keep his above quoted statement in mind. Let us ask ourselves, do chapters 40 through 44 pertain to the millennium or not?.  Then ask the Lord to guide us to recognize the difference between what is "Holy" and what is "Profane." ...John Rhine - Actually you should be doing that anyway concerning anything you see or hear, whether on this web site or another, or in church. After all, even though we try our best to interpret and present scripture accurately we are only men. Seek true wisdom and knowledge from the Lord and the Lord only!

Anyway, The following pamphlets are excerpts form King's Chapel studies.

#1290 We are about to see Ezekiel carried "in vision" to the land of Israel and shown that glorious sanctuary of the Millennium.

#1291   God has unique ways of revealing His truth to us. [You Better Pay Attention]

#1292There will be a WALL around the Temple (that true temple being Christ) all during the Millennium.

#1293Learn what the various peoples will be doing during the 1000 year Millennium.

#1294  What will be happening spiritually during the Millennium.

#1295a  When this flesh age is over and Jesus Christ returns, the dispensation of grace also ends.

#1295b    There were Palm Tree decorations everywhere. Kind of reminds one of a picture of Paradise, doesn't it?

#1295cWhat is the Plan of God for the final 1000 years commonly called the Millennium, which precedes the Great White Throne Judgment and the entering into the Third Earth Age, the age of eternal happiness?

#1296   Now Jesus is going to speak directly to Ezekiel from the Inner Court as the angel stands by him.

#1297What is the salvation plan for the rest of the "dead" (the spiritually dead) during the Millennium.

#1298  Ezekiel 43:13 is one of those verses that if you glance over or miss the key phrase in it, then you will probably read the remainder of this chapter and the next two chapters without much understanding of what we are to learn.

#1299  When the Millennium is over the "dead" (those alive with mortal souls during the Millennium) will be judged according to their WORKS,

#1300  What we are seeing here in the sacrifices we are about to read of, is an analogy representing that which is spiritual.

#1301Is everyone who claims to be a Christian going to be able to enter the kingdom and sit at the feet of Jesus during the Millennium?

#1302The spiritually dead must remain that way [spiritually dead] for 1000 years during the Millennium (Rev. 20:5).

#1303  It is too bad that so many Christians have such a weak and uninspiring concept of what heaven and the eternity has in store for those who love and serve God.

#1304 What a blessing it will be indeed for those who are part of the First Resurrection.

#1305 You see, the entire vast universe, plumb full of awesome fun filled galaxies, was created for God's pleasure, and His pleasure is to give it to His sons, who overcome and love Him, as their INHERITANCE!

#1305bAre you a "watchman"? Do you eat your "daily bread" from the table of the Lord? If so, you know that we have been instructed to "WATCH" in this final generation.

#1305c  God's Word contains a great deal of information, especially in these last nine chapters of Ezekiel, about what will be happening during the soon coming 1000 year reign of Jesus Christ.

#1306 For many, worshipping God is something they do just on the weekend.

#1307   The "Dead Sea", symbolic of "dead spiritual waters" that nothing can live in, shall be healed.

#1308   Do you know where David's throne is today?

#1309  So what about it? Are you going to wait until the Millennium to drink from the water of life, or are you thirsty now?

#1310The Spirit of God will flow from the throne of the LORD like a grand river all through the Millennium.