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Live Link to- 2002 and 2014 Studies of Jonah (all on one file)

#1600 Have I [we] been deceived?

#1601  "What to do, what to do!"

#1602   It is extremely important that God's elect in this final generation clearly understand the message of the Book of Jonah.

#1603   Here again are the instructions Jonah received from the LORD:

#1604  What is the worse predicament you have ever been in?

#1605   Do not throw away your mercy in this final generation by following the traditions of men and doing that which seems right in your own eyes!

#1606   There shall no sign be given you,
but the sign of the prophet Jonas.

#1607   Whether you or anyone else likes it or not, God's overall plan includes those who do not know the Word of God or even know what in the world is going on.