Bible Study = proof of truth
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#0000   Scripture Never Contradicts Scripture!
#1504 True worshippers worship the Father. (Of course!) And they worship Him in "spirit" and "truth". What is truth?It is the Word of God. (Of course!) Yes, Jesus and that little black book, over there, on the coffee table.
#1510  Jesus Christ will now teach us the difference between false shepherds and shepherds of the True Shepherd
#1013 "The Key to Understanding the Bible"
#1030 "Test it - If need be - Give it up"
#1753   How many Christians do you know who go to Him privately, to His Word, and seek the answers to their questions?
#1155    "Better Dust off the Front 2/3's of your Bible"

Some of you may ask, "Why is it, that the Bible is written in such a "divided" fashion that one must go digging for the truth?"
The answer is, "So that when you go digging for it, you'll find it!"
But, Proclaiming Christians that don't hunger enough for the truth to dig for it in God's word, won't find it!
Caution - If you don't have "Eyes to See" and "Ears to Hear"  you won't recognize truth or believe it when you do come across it!

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