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Eighth day man

We all, in the flesh, fall short of the perfection God requires of his children. So, He decided to come to earth Himself as a flesh man to offer His own blood as a sacrifice for sin to all who would choose life through Him rather than death through Satan. This option would be made available even to those of us who had been unfaihtful to Him in the first earth age. To accomplish this, on the eighth day he created a new line of humans (Adam). This eighth day activity is described starting at Genesis chapter 2:7.

I call it "eighth day activity" only because it happened after God's day of rest which He calls the seventh day.

God, Himself then came to earth in a flesh body, in the person, Jesus Christ, as a descendant of this Adamic line of humans.

I believe the spirits placed in this Adam and Eve were spirits of beings who had been proven faithful to God in the first earth age, because it is from this man and women that Christ would be born in the flesh.

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