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Flesh bodies similar to animal bodies

God knew that many of us could not really appreciate the finality of death, even though we witnessed it in animals during the first earth age, so He had a plan whereby we could be saved from the same fate as Lucifer, which is eternal death of the soul, because he rebelled against God in the first earth age. God would temporarily wipe our memory clear of our previous existence, then one by one, in turn, over a period of time, during a second earth age, place us into flesh and blood bodies to experience the death of our flesh body (referred to as the "Shadow of Death" in the Bible. Psalms 23:4;44:19) so that we might, thus, realize how final the death of our souls would be. Allowing us, if we had not already done so, to, by our own free will, choose to be faithful to Him.

He created this new earth and human life ("the races or nations" as referred to in the Bible) and had each of us in turn being born, of water (in the womb of flesh women), and existing here in flesh bodies similar to that of animals so we can gain appreciation of life and the finality of death by experiencing both, physical life and physical death while living here in flesh bodies.

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#2223We now come to the fifth and sixth and seventh days. Mankind now with flesh and blood bodies.
#6211    We now come to the sixth day.
#4241 God a spirit being, in the beginning, created us, also as spirit beings.. Later we, according to his plan are, in our turn, born in the flesh and he as Jesus was also born in the flesh and dwelt among us for a time.
#6212 "Let 'us' make mankind in 'our' image."
#6213 Do you suppose that you look like yourself? As you did before you were born in the flesh?
#4115   We don't remember what we did during the first earth age or that we were even here billions of years ago with the dinosaurs.
#4247   There are different stages, or seasons, and a time and place for every matter pertaining to a person's life in the flesh, i.e. under heaven. In fact, there are 28 seasons and they are listed in the following verses.

He created this new earth over a six day (6000 year) period of time and on the seventh day (1000 year period) He rested while many of us came to earth, and still do, through the womb, experiencing life and death during our short stay here on earth.

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#2224We now approach the eve of the seventh day, the Lord's Day of rest

He created this second earth age as described in Genesis chapter 1:3-2:3.



What would it take to make you happy for the rest of your natural life? Money? Power? The ability to go anywhere and do anything that your heart desired? Most of us have been told from our youth up that money cannot by happiness and although we acquiesce by nodding our heads, under our breath we say "What a stupid statement. I'd like to find out for myself thank you very much."

Well, perhaps before you begin to work 16 hours a day to "make it" you could spend a few hours taking the Solomon Course and follow along with us as we begin the great Book of Ecclesiastes, a handbook given to us by our Father which we could easily subtitle "How to be Happy in the Flesh", for it was specifically written to the natural, flesh man.This is extremely important to know in that it is the "key" to understanding all that is written in this book. Here's how we know:

There is an Hebrew expression which is peculiar to the Book of Ecclesiastes and is used twenty-nine times. It is the expression "under the sun" which is the equivalent to "upon the earth" and is connected with earthly things, i.e. that which is material and of the flesh. The man who then "walks under the sun" is the man who walks according to the flesh and its desires and wants. It is to that man, the adam who walks under the sun, to whom the Book of Ecclesiastes is written.

And fascinating it is indeed, for in this book we will see king Solomon "test the flesh" to the outer limits of pleasure and indulgence through every "earthly" means possible, accumulating all the power and wealth that a man or woman could ever dream of. And so this "down to earth" Book of The Preacher contains the ultimate story of the "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous", only this time the episodes are measured by wisdom and the results are tabulated. From verses 1:2 through 6:9 we will see what the "chief good" is not, and from 6:10 to 12:12 we will see what the "chief good" is (see structure of the book in the Companion Bible, pg. 906) .

The name of the book, Ecclesiastes, comes from the Latin Vulgate through the Septuagint Version, but the Hebrew name is "Koheleth" which means an assembler, as in one who gathers an assembly to preach to or lecture to. So let's assemble and listen to the wise Koheleth.

Note: It is interesting that both the words "Koheleth" and "Wisdom" are feminine. Do you think this is some sort of indication to men or something?

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