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Then a new third heaven and earth for eternity.

To get to the place where God has a family of perfect children who love Him as He loves them is a, as we humans measure time, a long drawn out process, but it is the only way God could create offspring who end up not only being perfect, but by their own free will loving Him, as He loves them.

He created us with the ability to be imperfect, yet with a free will to choose if we want him to change our hearts from imperfection to perfection.

We will spend eternity here in a new heaven and earth [the third heaven and earth age] in spirit bodies and we will be God's perfect family and He will be our Father and our God. God will have achieved His goal of having children, for all of eternity, who are pure in heart.

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#1915     What will it be like living here with our God our Father?
#4076    If you rightly divide the Word of truth you know who the wolf and the lamb are!
#1918     Yes, there are the different "races" present in the eternity

#1912     (After all, we were created after the image of God and the angels, the host of heaven, the sons of God, i.e. ourselves. So we will all look like "ourselves" after which we were created in the image of.)

After all, We were all created in our own image!
#6212     Let "us" make mankind in "our" image, i.e. all the races of mankind except for one particular race.
#6213     Do you suppose that you look like yourself? As you did before you were born in the flesh?
#6214     We now approach the eve of the seventh day, the Lord's Day of rest
#7008     Notes about Genesis/Creation

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The "American Wisdom Series"