This message is for all the pro-abortion people out there.

Especially for the ladies who are pro-abortion claiming they have a right to do whatever they choose with their own body. I am 100% in agreement with their thinking; EXCEPT! When there is another tiny helpless life at stake whose soul may perish because of your decision!  Please allow me to explain. It is not so much the flesh and blood life of that little person that concerns me, it is their soul!

Their flesh and blood life began, in your womb, at the moment of conception; But that was not the begin of the life of their soul. You see we, all of God’s created children, who then had celestial bodies, were pulled off this earth when God in His fierce anger destroyed the 1st earth age, because of Lucifer, our leader’s, rebellion in that 1st earth age, when he tried to overthrow God and convinced 1/3 of us (that would be about 4,000,000,000, yes,  you read it correctly, 4 billion of us) to side with him in his overthrow attempt.

At that time God sentenced Lucifer, who is now called Satan, to death (“TO BE NO MORE”, THE DEATH OF HIS SOUL, to cease to exist, IN THE “LAKE OF FIRE”); with the death sentence to be carried out at the end of the Millennium; But God chose not to, as yet, sentence 4 billion of us, His created children to that same fate! He instead restructured the earth to again make it livable.

God then started to place us, our souls, back on this restructured earth as flesh and blood human beings to learn that Satan’s ways lead to disaster, while living here in this flesh and blood life while still having the free will to continue to follow Satan’s ways or choose to now follow God’s ways in their entirety, which do work.

God also provided a way for all of us to salvage our souls in this flesh and blood age. He, Himself, would come to earth, also, in the form of His own flesh and blood son, Jesus Christ, to live with us for a short while, approximately 33 plus years. He would then sacrifice His human life on a Roman cross, shedding His sin free blood, rise again from the dead; in this way cover over all of our short comings. For all who would believe in Him, repent of our shortcomings and invite His Holy Spirit to live in us and make us holy also.
Live Link to->>> Some Biblical Facts About the Salvation of Your Soul.

All of our souls, who haven’t as yet, come to this flesh and blood existence, are in heaven with God, (they are what the Bible refers to as The Host of Heaven), waiting their turn to be placed into the womb of a flesh and blood women so that they can live during this flesh and blood life, with their memory of their 1st earth age experience temporally removed, learning all about Satan’s way of doing things, prior to God judging them at “THE GREAT WHITE THRONE OF JUDGMENT”.

God is allowing Satan to live until after God uses him, one last time, to test them, after the Millennium, to see if they will still be loyal to Lucifer/Satan, or will they have learned their lesson, faithfully follow God’s ways?

 So, YOU SEE, IT IS NOT JUST THE WOMEN”S BODY THAT IS EFFECTED BY ABORTION, it’s the soul of that little helpless being God has chosen to place in her womb at this time! That little helpless soul, human being, who may well have been one of the 4 billion of us who were loyal to Lucifer/Satan in the1st earth age overthrow attempt; and will therefore, NOW, if aborted, lose their right to a flesh and blood life (and their chance to salvage their soul), which should have priority over the women’s right to temporally do with her body as she pleases. (Abortion takes away this little, as yet, helpless human being’s (soul) from attending this “SUMMER SCHOOL OF LIFE”, I call it.)

And to the flesh and blood father of this little one; don’t you be pressuring her to have an abortion. It is your responsibility to help raise and support that child through to adulthood.  God is watching! And at the very moment his or her life was ended (aborted) he or she returned to be with the Lord; and has His ear, so you know what their discussion is about. (YOU BOTH, the parents to be!)