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The Three World Ages
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#1003 "Is There a Conflict Between Science and the Bible?"

#1011    "When This Flesh Age Ends"

#1026 "God's Elect"

#1029 "No 'Altar Call' for Paul"

#1068"The Downfall of This Earth Age"

#1084 Do you know what Satan did in the first earth age?

#1149    When will the end of this earth age happen?

#1773  Most people suppose that the Plan of God starts with Genesis 1:1, but it does not!

#1774  He said so! You just read it!  And we loved it, else we wouldn't have shouted for joy!

#1775 In Genesis 1:1 we learn God created the earth to BE INHABITED, not in vain! See Isaiah 45:18

#1776  God did not create the earth in a state of utter waste and desolation.It BECAME that way!

#1777  Satan WORE the "Breastplate of a Priest of God"

#1778  Satan was judged and sentenced to eternal DEATH!

#1779  The Word of God tells us "why" the dinosaurs perished.

#1780  All of this and we haven't gotten to Gen. 1: 2 yet!

#1781 Do you know why human bones and remains are NOT found along with those of the dinosaurs?

#1782 Do you know who destroyed the prehistoric age and the dinosaurs and the cities and reduced the beautiful fruitful place to a wilderness?

#1783  Chances are you don't even know about the "Letter to the Reader" which was written by the translators of the 1611 King James Bible and used to appear in all printed copies; but not anymore!

#1784 So the Word of God says that He destroyed this earth before (the 1st heaven and earth age of Gen. 1:1) and He'll do it again.

#4008What's This Business About a Third Heaven?

#4055We were all created as spirit beings long before the foundation of the world!

#4084Some of us were chosen in the first earth age to be followers of Christ in this earth age.

#4088   Worlds (plural), means there have been and will be more then one!

#4094 We/Us (1st earth age) Ye (this present earth age)

#4116   Many predestined according to God's will.

#4143   2 groups of humans:  The predestination group and The free choice group.

#4191   God Destroyed the first earth and also the first heaven.

#4194   Why was Lucifer condemned?

#4201We were created before the earth existed.

#4243Matthew 19:30 But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first.

#4250 Most of us were created with "Free Will"

#5001      Which came first, the earth or you?

#5100   “Where’s the altar call? Well, there was none when Peter was called nor for any one else who had been chosen before the foundation of the world!".

#5101   It is unfortunate that traditional Christianity does not teach about the first earth age that existed back when Satan rebelled.

#5119   Is the earth only 6,000 years old as many Christian's have been led to believe by "willingly ignorant" ministers and teachers of God's word?

#5161   Paul was choosen before the foundation of this world age.

#5162   Those who are "chosen" and "justified" in the first earth age.

#6202   The first words of truth and wisdom

#6203      Most Christians have a big problem here understanding the first two verses of the Bible!

#6204Peter's three heaven and earth ages:

#6205      But why did God destroy the first heaven and earth age?

#7015The Bible declares that there are 3 World Ages.