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Zechariah's Visions
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Zechariah Commentary

"History is Prophecy"

The eight visions the Lord gave to Zechariah  in 410 BC, concerning these end times, can now be understood. Let's go to the book of Zechariah (chapters 1 through 6) and learn about these eight visions:

#1 of Zechariah's Eight Visions "The rider on the red horse"
#2 of Zechariah's Eight Visions "The Four Horns"
#1101   Zechariah Chapter 1

#3 of Zechariah's Eight Visions "The Measuring Line"
#1102 Zechariah Chapter 2

#4 of Zechariah's Eight Visions "The Branch"
#1103 Zechariah Chapter 3

#5 of Zechariah's Eight Visions "The Golden Lampstand"
#1104 Zechariah Chapter 4

#6 of Zechariah's Eight Visions "The Flying Scroll"
#7 of Zechariah's Eight Visions "The Ephah"
#1105 Zechariah Chapter 5

#8 of Zechariah's Eight Visions "The Four Chariots"
#1106 Zechariah Chapter 6

In these next two chapters we are going to learn how and why it is that our people shall fall away from the true Messiah, which Paul calls "the great apostasy" in 2 Thes. 2, and worship the false messiah.
#1107    Zechariah Chapter 7

#1108  Zechariah Chapter 8

Zechariah prophesied what shall happen to the New World Order and her wicked "would-be" king of kings!
#1109Zechariah Chapter 9

Zechariah prophesied how God will sow His elect, His mighty ones, among the people to teach His sons and daughters, to give them hope, and in that day His people shall turn again, which means they will return to Him!
#1110Zechariah Chapter 10

Zechariah prophesied that the whole world, including the majority of Christianity with the exception of God's elect, will believe Satan to be the real shepherd, Jesus Christ.
#1111Zechariah Chapter 11

Zechariah prophesied that many people shall "wake up" when Christ returns and find they have actually been serving and worshipping the false messiah, even Satan, as God.
#1112 Zechariah Chapter 12

Zechariah prophesied that our preachers shall be utterly ashamed at Christ's return for having taught man's traditions in church instead of God's Word.
#1113Zechariah Chapter 13

Charter 14 "The Spiritual Earthquake"
Zechariah prophesied concerning Christ's  Millennial Kingdom.

#1114Zechariah Chapter 14