"Does Life End at Birth?"

Once upon a time, not long ago, two little girls were conceived in the womb.  A short while later as the two embryonic lives developed, two tiny brains began to take shape and form. They became aware of their surroundings, of each other, and their own lives. They enjoyed each others company, communicating mentally with joy in their hearts. One thought to the other, "We are sure lucky to have been conceived, life is great, isn't it?"The other responded, "Yes, we enjoy each others company and I hope our lives never end." Their little bodies grew and started to take shape.First, they noticed arms and fingers, legs and toes. Then mouths, eyes, ears, and a nose. They could now communicate verbally. One day one of the twins discovered the cord which gave them life and nourishment. It was connected at the other end to the wall of their comfortable home. They realized that their existence, and therefore their very life depended on that cord and its connection to the outside world, to what they called , mother. They were happy to realize they were not alone. Someone, a mother, was providing for their continued existence. Months went by and they noticed how much larger they were getting. One said, "We are growing too large for our world, what can we do?" "We will soon be born into a much larger world," said the other. "What are you talking about?" asked the first. "Can we be conceived a second time, into a larger world?" "Look at the evidence." said the second, "The walls of our home are scarred. Others have been here before us." "If I have a choice I would live here forever."  said the first. "We can't, we are growing too large. We must be born," said the other. "I believe that there is life after birth, don't you?" "How can that be?" cried the one. "We will loose the support our life cord provides, if we leave this world ? Have you ever talked to anyone that has been born? Has anyone ever returned to this world after birth to describe what birth is like?" "If the purpose of conception is to end in birth, what is the purpose of being conceived?" said the other, "their must be life after birth." "Where will our nourishment come from? Is there someone besides mother to provide for us? Is there really a mother?  Where is she? Have you ever seen her? Does she ever talk to you? No! We invented mother when we couldn't explain where that cord went. It made us feel better to think there was someone taking care of us."As time passed they both realized that birth was soon to happen. They were both afraid of the unknown. Then it happened! First one and then the other left their comfortable, safe world. They cried  when they saw the light. Their lungs still contained fluid from their previous world. They coughed and gasped the dry air. When they realized they were still alive,  they opened their eyes. How beautiful life after birth was. They saw their mother, she held them in her arms. The first looked to the second and said, "you were right, there is life after birth."The second said, "I heard mother and father praising God for giving the two of us to them. They called us a gift from God. Do you think there is life after death, also?"

Yes, their is life after death! It is God's free gift to each of our souls. It will be in a new celestial body, like we had for all those millions of years during the 1st earth age. That's why God is placing us back here on earth in terrestrial bodies like animals have, this time in the flesh and blood bodies, one at a time, in our turn, in this 2nd earth age. As we live and die in the flesh, we will learn that Satan's ways don't work and if followed will lead to the death of our soul!

And that God's ways, if followed can lead to eternal life in a new celestial body that never ages or gets sick, if we believe in His only begotten Son Jesus Christ, who is God Himself, and came to live with us for a short while in a flesh and blood body like we now have. Then sacrificed His flesh and blood life on a cross on Calvary Hill, shedding His precious sin free blood, to cover over our sins, making us worthy for eternal lift if we repent of those sins and invite His Holy Spirit into our heart to cleanse it.

That's God free gift to us, if we do it now, while living in these flesh and blood bodies. If we don't take advantage of His free gift; by the end of this age, after we all have been conceived into a earth woman's womb and born into this earth age Jesus Christ will return and we will all be changed back into celestial bodies like we had during the 1st earth age, and we'll live for the next 1000 years in Jesus Christ's Millennial Kingdom. Those who accepted God's free gift to us, in new immortal celestial bodies to live forever.

Those who did not take advantage of God's free gift, and continued to follow Satan will also have new celestial bodies; but. with still mortal souls, and their only chance for eternal life will be based on their works during the 1000 year Millennium.