Our "In the Beginning" Studies start right here. 
File numbers 9001 through 9050 are reserved for new Genesis studies. 

This book of Genesis covers the time from that world that was, in the first earth age; "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."

Then remember what happened in verse two, and the Hebrew word, "tohu-va-bohu"; The earth "became a waste and void." The time of the initial creation to the destruction took place over a period of millions of years, and the bones of the many reptiles, laid in layers of stone and shall are all evidence to God's destruction of that first earth age. This destruction was caused by the overthrow by Satan, and one third of the angelic [sons of God] that turned against God. This is not talking about Noah's flood, but the flood prior to the creation of flesh man, and the Garden of Eden.

Then God placed one man in the Garden of Eden, and we followed that man's family, as his family went forward to many generations. That man was Adam. It is through Adam's family that God had chose to bring forth the true Messiah.

To understand the Bible you must FIRST know and understand what happened in the beginning. These first 11 files will surely help you accomplish that.
We have added commentary from an earlier 2004 study of the first 11 chapters of Genesis to the end of each of these current Genesis studies. Be sure to re-read them to compare any differences of thought between these two authors! The first 11 chapters are especially important because if you don't understand what happened in the beginning you will not understand the remainder of the Bible's teaching.
#9001   "The beginning up to and including the creation of sixth day man, the races." 

#9002   "The creation of eighth day man, the grandparents of Jesus Christ." 

#9003  "What really happened in the Garden of Eden"

#9004    "Of course Eve had twins with two different fathers." 

#9005   "Adam lived nine hundred and thirty years: and he died, just seventy years short of one day as God measures days." But, it sure wasn't because he ate an apple! 

#9006   God ask Noah to build a really big boat in his back yard.   Why?  "Because angels were coming to earth, impregnating daughters of eighth day man. God planned to rid the earth of them and their children! Noah and his family were the only 8 people left in the land with pure eighth day blood in their veins. Them he would save!  The pure blood line Christ was to be born to."

Still In the Beginning, but, after Noah's Flood

#9007   We know that at least two Kenites survived Noah's flood. Whether on the ark or in a part of the earth which was not flooded; I know not! 

#9008   "Some differences between Lucifer's flood and Noah's flood."    

#9009   "Is it okay to eat poison ivy since Noah's flood?' No!  Neither is it okay to eat pork!" Even though most Christians do!   

#9010     "We are expected to use common sense, and those with eyes to see, will understand that others besides Noah and his family survived Noah's flood, whether in the ark or in another part of the world. not flooded, is subject to speculation.
Now, Lucifer's flood, that was a different story. NO ONE SURVIVED Lucifer's Flood! Of course, no one was in a flesh and blood body at that time, so you will not find any man's bones! No one died either! We were not put into flesh and blood bodies, animal bodies, until this earth age so we could die in the flesh and get a taste of what the death of our soul will be like.
Only dinosaurs and the like, bones.
I think the word I want to hear is UNCLE! 

#9011  Most of mankind will be looking for a man to rise from our own human ranks to be the spurious messiah (often referred to as the Antichrist) when the tribulation starts, and not the supernatural archangel, Satan, to be coming to earth, in person, as the false-christ. Satan will come pretending to be the Messiah, and he will have lies, wonders and deception of a great magnitude.