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Kings & Priests

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Kings and Priests
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The Plan of God    
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#1770   Why are you here?" "How did you get here?" "Where did you come from?" "What happens to you when you die?"
#1771   Would you stake your eternal salvation on your chance of winning the lottery today?
Suppose you were all alone in the world.
#1773   Most people suppose that the Plan of God starts with Genesis 1:1, but it does not!
#1774    ALL of the sons of God,  including you and me and Job, etc., shouted for joy back when God created this beautiful earth.
#1775   In Genisis 1:1 we learn God created the earth to BE INHABITED, not in vain! See Isaiah 45:18
#1776    God did not create the earth in a state of utter waste and desolation.  
It BECAME that way!
#1777    Satan WORE the "Breastplate of a Priest of God"
#1778    "Satan was judged and sentenced to eternal DEATH!"
#1779   "The Word of God tells us "why" the dinosaurs perished."
#1780   All of this and we haven't gotten to Gen. 1:2 yet!
#1781   Do you know why human bones and remains  are NOT found along with those of the dinosaurs?
#1782   Do you know who destroyed the prehistoric age and the dinosaurs and the cities and reduced the beautiful fruitful place to a wilderness?
#1783   Chances are you don't even know about the "Letter to the Reader" which was written by the translators of the 1611 King James Bible and used to appear in all printed copies; but not anymore!
#1784   So the Word of God says that He destroyed this earth before (the 1st heaven and earth age of Gen. 1:1) and He'll do it again.
#1785   "We are accountable for our own beliefs"
#1786   In today's lesson we are going to learn "WHY" we are in flesh bodies,
#1787   "Judgment occurs only after those who are still unsaved at Christ's return have been taught SELF DISCIPLINE by Jesus Christ Himself and His saints for 1000 YEARS"
#1788   It is worth repeating that you MUST go through the PROCESS of being born in the flesh.
Jesus is talking about a man being BORN first of "water" AND then of "spirit".
#1790   God appointed, ordained, decreed, ordered, commanded,  any way you wish to state it,  that ALL of his sons should be born in the flesh  and die and return to Him again as spirit beings before the Millennium  and before He conducts the final judgment.
#1791   Now think carefully about this next question. Must you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and accept His sacrifice for your sins while here in the flesh?
#1792   What predestination means.
#1793   The Bible isn’t merely some religious work written by man
#1794   So the Word of God says that He destroyed this earth before (the 1st heaven and earth age of Gen. 1:1) and He'll do it again
#1795    By our own "FREE WILL" some of us will chose to die the second death!
#1796   Those of us who have part in the first resurrection shall reign with Christ during the Millennium.
#1797   So where are we now in the overall Plan of God?

#1798    Which do you have in your forehead?  The "mark of the beast" or the "seal of God"!
#1799   All that causes pain and suffering and death is written in the Word of God.

The Parable of the Fig Tree

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The Rapture 

(All in one study) 

#1452 The day, of our gathering back to Christ, will not happen until AFTER Satan as the false-christ has reigned.
#1453    What happens to our bodies at the last trump?
#1578    We are now ready to weigh the scripture of scriptures upon which the entire Rapture theory hangs in the balance.
If you believe in the Rapture Theory, for the safety and concern of others, when you are traveling in "mixed" company, by all means let a non-believer drive.

#4010  Gathering the tares first disproves the rapture theory.

1st and 2nd Thessalonians

#5135 Have you ever known anyone who neglected studying the Word of God because he or she thought that Jesus Christ was going to return soon?
Paul will now recount to the Thessalonians (and us) how it came to be that they received the truth.
#5137   Today, as in the time of Christ, there are those "sons of Kain (Cain)", called Kenites in the Bible, who claim to be descendents of Judah (Jews) but
they are not!
So let's read and understand the Written Word of God and thus learn from the Living Word of God Himself
#5139   They just called it things like "shacking up" or "living together" or "having a good time"
Where are our Christian friends and relatives who have been released from the bondage of the flesh body? For that matter, where are even the
non-Christians who have died?
#5141   When a person dies, only their flesh dies, so when they return home to the Father what kind of body do they have?
#5142   While we are down here "walking under the sun" in these flesh tabernacles we know we are only temporarily absent from the Lord.
#5143   This means we will not all sleep, i.e. die, after the normal manner of men.
Not everyone who calls himself a Christian is going to make it except for the "doers" of HIS WILL!

#5145   Many good hearted but Biblically illiterate people are "persuaded" by men and women who thou


(All in one study)