The American Wisdom Series

1 Corinthians

Chapter 10

Caution to students of God's Word - Please remember two things when using our studies: #1. Our commentary is not God's Word. It is only our interpretation or understanding of "His Word" and even though we try our best to be accurate we may or may not be correct. #2. The King James translation, or any other translation, of the original Hebrew text has some words which were given different translations at different places probably because of the interpreters preconceived ideas of what they think God meant to say. For example: According to the notes in the "Dake's Annotated Reference Bible" the Hebrew word hayah in the KJV is Trans. (became) 67 times, (becamest or came to pass) 505 times, (become) 66 times, and (come to pass) 131 times, but for some reason in Genesis 1:2 it is translated (was)! That sure changes the way a person perceives the original creation of the earth, doesn't it?  Gen. 1:2 And the earth was (became) without form, ... Having said that, let us continue with our "Key Knowledge" lessons. These are pamphlets containing knowledge, we believe, you must have to fully and accurately unlock and understand the Word of God.

John 15:26
But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me:

John 16:13-14
Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come. He shall glorify me: for he shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you.

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Without the leading by the Holy Spirit, there is no understanding of the truths, for all the truth of the Scriptures are revealed to us by God's Spirit.

Now here is our study of:

1 Corinthians

Chapter 10

"The Mosaic Dispensation, with Application [1-14]."
"The Gospel (Kingdom) Dispensation, with Application [20-33]."

I Corinthians 10:1 "Moreover, brethren, I would not that ye should be ignorant, how that all our fathers were under the cloud, and all passed through the sea;"

The word "ignorant" should be translated "forget". In other words, Paul does not want the Corinthians, or you and I to forget what happened many years ago when the children of Israel came out of Egypt. 

Editor's note: I think "ignorant" is exactly what Paul meant. When we look at Christianity as it exists in this 21st. century, most professing Christians never read, much less studied the explodes of the ancient Israelites, so therefore; are ignorant of what happened to them throughout history.   
Which brings  I Corinthians 10:11 to mind.
Maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself in this study but,  I Corinthians 10:11 "Now all these things happened unto them for ensamples: and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come."
We didn't forget, we have never been taught nor have we had any desire to learn what happened to the ancient Israelites and yet what happened to them physically is exactly what we need to watch out for spiritually in these end times. That is why God had all those events recorded in the Old Testament!

That cloud of the Holy Spirit fell upon each and every one of them and protected them as they passed through the Red sea, and from the hot sun when they went through that scorching desert. God was blessing His own children and looking out for their interest.

Even though in a very short time man of the children of Israel did forget what the Lord did for them, Paul is saying that he doesn't want you and I to forget about how God will protect His own. {I believe Paul is saying he wants you to know about, not be ignorant of, what the parting of the Red sea , by the Lord, means to us in spiritual terms in these later days.} {Isn't the Lord parting the Red sea spiritually when He offers us salvation by His grace?}

I Corinthians 10:2 "And were all baptized unto Moses in the cloud and in the sea;"

In other words, when the sea opened at the command of Moses, the Lord allowed all the Children of Israel to pass through safely. These children of Israel of all the tribes saw this happen before their eyes, and experienced the event in their life time. They witnessed the very presents of God.

I Corinthians 10:3 "And did all eat the same spiritual meat;"

Every day for forty years the children of Israel had the manna from heaven delivered to them right where they were. And God supplied them quill meat for their tables to go along with the manna. In other words God fed them well and took care of His own.  {Isn't the Lord supplying us with the spiritual food we need to live right now? The Word of the Lord, our Holy Bible, to be partaken of daily!} 

I Corinthians 10:4 "And did all drink the same spiritual drink: for they drank of the spiritual Rock that followed them: and that Rock was Christ." 

{Not the little rock,, Satan, who will pretend, to be Jesus!}, but, the real Rock, Jesus, our Lord!  

This is the reason that Paul told you to stay awake and pay attention to what he is saying. Notice that that "Rock" has a capital letter "R" on it. That Rock that was with the children of Israel was Christ the Savior. Notice that we are talking about the "spiritual meat" and the "Spiritual drink". It is impossible to continue here without bringing to memory the evens of Genesis 28, where Jacob had a dream as he paused for the night at Beth-el. Jacob had a dream:

Genesis 28:12 "And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it."

Jesus referred to this ladder in John 1:51; "And He said unto him, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, Hereafter ye shall see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the son of man." The windows of heaven open and the angels that come and go from God's throne to be of service to Jesus Christ.

Note: Remember, the angels in heaven are US! See Below
Rev. 22:8 And I John saw these things, and heard them. And when I had heard and seen, I fell down to worship before the feet of the angel which shewed me these things.
We can only imagine the overwhelming impact it must have had on John when the reality of being taken to heaven, to the very throne of God, and witnessing the awesome events described in this book, finally "hit home". And so he fell down to worship before the feet of the angel. That's a "no no", and I'm sure but for the emotion of the moment that he knew better. "Welcome back to the flesh and humanity", John!  However, we will learn and even gain a "revelation" from John's mistake as our Father once again turns a lemon into lemonade.
[9] Then saith he unto me, See thou do it not: for I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren the prophets, and of them which keep the sayings of this book: worship God.
This is a very revealing verse. The angel makes it perfectly clear that he is "one of us" who has lived in the flesh, from among our brethren the prophets. He is a fellowservant and he lets us know that he is living testimony to keeping the sayings of this book, to being a "doer" of what Christ just said in verse 7, "...blessed is he that keepeth the sayings of the prophecy of this book."

Now back to our study; we were talking about Jacob's ladder, and the angels ascending and descending and we just learned from the above excerpt that the angels are US!.

The ability to see this ascending and descending was conditional on the repentance of the nation, yet this time will be seen in the future. What it is saying then, is that Christ is the link between heaven and earth. It is by and through Christ that the angels descend and ascend. Christ is the link between God and man, for Christ is the tabernacle of man, to allow God to commune with man.

This particular stone has been carried through the wilderness by the Israelites, and held through many centuries. It is the stone that the kings of Israelites were crowned on, and today it rests in Westminster Abby in England under the coronation chair, and the kings and queens of England are crowned over it. It is the stone that Queen Elizabeth II was crowned upon, and should there be another linkage in the royalty line, he or she will also be crowned upon "Jacob's Pillar [stone]".

Genesis 28:13 "And, Behold, the Lord stood above it, and said, "I am the Lord God of Abraham thy father, and the God of Isaac: the land whereon thou liest, to thee will I give it, and to thy seed;"

God is the God of the living and not the dead. God is the God of all souls, and the living souls are those souls that are in Christ, and did things God's ways; yes, even in the Old Testament.

Genesis 28:14 "And thy seed shall be as the dust of the earth, and thou shalt spread abroad to the west, and to the east, and to the north, and to the south: and in thee and in thy seed shall all the families of the earth be blessed."

It will be through Jacob's family that Jesus the promised Messiah will be born, and it is through Jesus Christ that we (all the races included) receive all of our blessings. It is through Jesus Christ that each soul that has eternal life received their salvation. Christ is the ladder by which all mankind can ascend to the throne of God, and in Jesus name is the authority for our approaching His throne in repentance and for requests.

This verse is also in reference to Jacob's sons becoming many nations scattered around the world, in geographic locations that would be a wealth to the peoples of the world. {Yes, Jacob's sons, the ancient Israelites. although lost in identity, even to themselves. have become the Christians nations of the world.} {I hear preachers call us spiritual Israel and must smile at their ignorance of the Word; they don't even know the we American/of European descent are, indeed true descendants of Jacob/Israel!}  

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Genesis 28:15 "And, behold, I am with thee, and will keep thee in all places whither thou goest, and will bring thee into this land; for I will not leave thee, until I have done that which I have spoken to thee of."

This promise is to Jacob and all of his generations that followed him, right up to our present generation. It is not just for the tiny land of Palestine, or "Israel" as it is called today, but to all the migrations of the offshoot generations that sprang forth from Jacob. God's promises were for those ten tribes that came through the Caucasus Mountains in the seventh century B. C., and those offspring of Jacob migrated westward to settle throughout Europe, and move on to the Americas and around the world. They became know as "Caucasians" as a race because of the multiplying, and by tradition assumed to be all white peoples of the world. However this term is in reference to the event of migration of the "House of Israel", the so called "lost house of Israel" by those that are caught up in traditions.

The promises that God is giving to Jacob also includes the "house of Judah", which includes the tribes of Judah and Benjamin, and part of the tribe of Levi, which was scattered throughout all the other tribes.

So we see that God is presenting himself to Jacob while he is sleeping on his rock pile, and revealing to him what he will be in the distant future. Why would God chose Jacob for this blessing? Because he obeyed his mother and father, and did not marry from the daughters of the Hittites as his twin brother Esau (Russia) did, but most of all Jacob obeyed "El Shaddai", the "Living God".

These are the events of Jacobs dreams, and Jacob remembered those promises that God gave to him directly. The point that I am trying to make here though is in the last three verses.

Genesis 28:20 "And Jacob vowed a vow, saying, "If God will be with me, and will keep me in this way that I go, and will give me bread to eat, and raiment to put on,"

Genesis 28:21 "So that I come again to my father's house in peace; then shall the Lord be my God:"

Jacob is in turn making a contract with God. God has spoken and promised Jacob a long and prosperous life, with many children, and that the Messiah would come through his offspring, Now Jacob is recognizing that fact of this promise, and in turn making a commitment back to God.

We can test our Lord, as long as our challenging does not go against God's will, which is written in His Word.

Genesis 28:22 "And this stone, which I have set for a pillar, shall be God's house: and of all that Thou shalt give me I will surely give the tenth unto Thee."

Jacob established that "stone" or "pillar" as God's house, to be a remembrance not only of God's covenant to him, but also Jacob's commitment to God. If you want a reason for the giving of the tenth back to God, this is the best that you can find. It is the keeping of the commitment made by father Jacob to God, that as God blesses you, you are bound by that commitment to "surely give the tenth unto Thee."

 {Is that tenth, a tenth of your physical earnings, as in your wages from employment, I am sure as your minister might define it, or is it a tenth of your gifts from God?}  

Along those lines, here are some scriptures to think about.

Matthew 11:5  The blind receive their sight, and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, and the poor have the gospel preached to them.

Luke 7:22  Then Jesus answering said unto them, Go your way, and tell John what things ye have seen and heard; how that the blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, to the poor the gospel is preached

Deuteronomy 14:22  Thou shalt truly tithe all the increase of thy seed, that the field bringeth forth year by year.
23  And thou shalt eat before the LORD thy God, in the place which he shall choose to place his name there, the tithe of thy corn, of thy wine, and of thine oil, and the firstlings of thy herds and of thy flocks; that thou mayest learn to fear the LORD thy God always.
24  And if the way be too long for thee, so that thou art not able to carry it; or if the place be too far from thee, which the LORD thy God shall choose to set his name there, when the LORD thy God hath blessed thee:
25  Then shalt thou turn it into money, and bind up the money in thine hand, and shalt go unto the place which the LORD thy God shall choose:
26  And thou shalt bestow that money for whatsoever thy soul lusteth after, for oxen, or for sheep, or for wine, or for strong drink, or for whatsoever thy soul desireth: and thou shalt eat there before the LORD thy God, and thou shalt rejoice, thou, and thine household,
27  And the Levite that is within thy gates; thou shalt not forsake him; for he hath no part nor inheritance with thee.
28  At the end of three years thou shalt bring forth all the tithe of thine increase the same year, and shalt lay it up within thy gates:
29  And the Levite, (because he hath no part nor inheritance with thee,) and the stranger, and the fatherless, and the widow, which are within thy gates, shall come, and shall eat and be satisfied; that the LORD thy God may bless thee in all the work of thine hand which thou doest.

Editor's Note: Better be sure the ministery you support is indeed feeding "The Truth of God's Word to the stranger, and the fatherless, and the widow, which are within thy gates, shall come, and shall eat and be satisfied... That would be chapter by chapter, verse by verse, and word by word; not some one verse sermon like they receive in most of the Christian churches today!
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You shall eat it!

Satan and his children have always tried to destroy that lineage by murder, lying, and even by sending a flood of his angels to destroy and pollute the seed of man through their daughters. Satan has always tried, and he has always failed; even with the use of his earthly sons "the Kenites", those of the lineage of Cain. And also from the offspring of the fallen angels called the "Nephilim", and Satan will always fail, as God's elect know the truth.

This stone, or pillar was carried by our forefathers through the desert for that forty years, and the spiritual water that comes from it will be under the throne during the Millennium age. That is the same rock or pillar called Jacob's pillar sits now under the coronation chair of the kings and queens of England, and all the kings and queens in that lineage all the way back to David have been crowned over that coronation stone. In the Millennium age it will create the spiritual stream as written of in Ezekiel 47.

The spiritual water that comes from that stone, who is Christ, flows in the Millennium also and it will create the stream of spiritual waters that are written of in the Millennium chapters [40-48] of the book of Ezekiel. When that water flows in the Millennium, Ezekiel was told to cross over it, and he could not because it was too deep.

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I Corinthians 10:5 "But with many of them God was not well pleased: for they were overthrown in the wilderness."

After all the miracles and protection that God had given to the children of Israel, He was still not pleased with them. Why? Because they were "deceived" or "overthrown" in the wilderness. Friend, this is being given to you as an example of what is going to happen in the end generation. We are in a spiritual wilderness even today, with all the mass confusion of the religions {including the Christian religion} of the world coming together under the new world order. There is a false sense of security being spread over the world as one world government sets up its laws and treaties that are bringing down the borders, and people are wondering what is going to happen next.

It is all written {in the Word of God} exactly what is going to happen, how the new world order will come to pass, what it shall do, and how it will end as a political system. This one world system will turn into a religious order shortly under the prince of this world, Satan, who will come in his role of "the instead of Christ", at the sixth trump. We are in that wilderness right now, and we are being fed that manna while in this wilderness, and God's elect will eat from that manna of truth with understanding. The rest of the world are in a famine in this end generation, not for bread to eat, but for the bread of life that come from the Word of God.

Amos 8:11 "Behold, the days come, saith the Lord God, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord:"

This is the famine Jesus spoke about in Matthew 24:7, and Mark 13:8; it is not for food or drink, "but for the hearing of the Word of the Lord". This famine is here and now. There is a famine today because the traditions of men, and church social systems have replaced the Word of God, and the banner that God's people are flying today, and what the preachers are teaching is what is allowed to be taught under their banner of their denominations. {Most of our Christian churches have become nothing more than "social clubs", with a "one verse rev." leading the way.}

Can you imagine going into any battle with only those babies still sucking on their milk bottles? Most churchmen are as prepared to meet Satan in his role as the spurious messiah as a one year old child would be to face a charging enemy with bayonets drawn. Ask yourself, am I ready to face Satan and his flood of lies, and all the deceptions that we are going to face very shortly, by what I am taught in my church? We are living in that generation, and we will face him!

Amos 8:12 "And they shall wander from sea to sea, and from the north even to the east, they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the Lord, and shall not find it."

The church denominations and church systems will not let a teacher of the Word of God teach from the entire Word, with understand as the Holy Spirit leads, without placing limits on him or her. Very shortly there will be no understand anywhere except within the minds of God's elect. Even in the minds of the top scholars of our day, the understanding is nothing but the traditions of men. In Zechariah 8:23 we are told that the church world will even grab hold of the Kenites [Jews] skirt to find the true word, but it just will not be found. This prophecy has already begun.

Zechariah 8:23 "Thus saith the Lord of hosts; 'In those days it shall come to pass, that ten men shall take hold out of all languages of the nations, even shall take hold of the skirt of him that is a Jew, saying, 'We will go with you: for we have heard that God is with you.' ' "

These "ten men" that come out of the nations of the whole world are "ten horns of power". They are the ten horns, or authorities [agencies] of power that will give their authority in support of Satan the false-christ. This is also discussed in Daniel's vision of the ten horns. This word for "men" in the Hebrew text is "enosh", which as used in Numbers 31:35 is not areas of areas of land, or nations, but men of authority of governmental entities, units of government which control the entire earth.

The one world system is in place and it exists through the United Nations. The ten systems of authority within the U.N., which are the controlling agencies of authority which today are the UN forces [military]; Health [world relief], The Red Cross, the World Council of Churches, World Court [in Belgium], UNICEF [for control of your children], and there are also agencies dealing with space, the world seas, the environment and economics [the world bank]. There are no areas of control that the Kenites [Satan's locust army] have not attacked to force your soul to conform to and yield to their father Satan [the false-christ], when he sets his feet upon the earth in person at the sixth trump [he's here now, but only in spirit; wait til he shows up in person].

Today all nations of the world subscribe to the U.N. Charter, and yield to the authority of the United Nations; even the United States, in many cases. When we go to war or conflict anywhere in the world it is under the United Nations flag. Even the food given by the United Nations relief agency are taken from the United States tax payer, and given in the name of the United Nations to advance their godless agenda.

The stage is now set, as we wait for the political beast to fall, and out of it's political ruin this supernatural person of Satan will assume his role as the spurious messiah, and the Church world will go bananas over him. The Church of God will have strayed so far from the truths of God's Word and be under these Kenite's protection, that they will do what they are told in ignorance. They will act like cattle as they are led to the roles that the Kenites have for them in their world kingdom. They will do this because they do not have the seal of God in their foreheads, which is their minds.

Amos 8:13 "And in that day shall the fair virgins and young men faint for thirst."

The "fair virgins" of the final days are those that are converted to Jesus Christ, and seek to know the truths of God's Word. They are going to faint or give up their quest for the truth they seek for, because it is simply cannot be found in any church. Remember that their thirst is for the truth to understand the whole Word of God.

Amos 8:14 "They that swear by the sins of Samaria, and say, 'Thy god, O Dan, liveth;' and, 'The manner of Beer-sheba liveth;' even they shall fall, and never rise up again."

The "sins of Samaria" was the following of a false god. Remember Baal worship? Baal was the cow worship that the tribe of Dan had set up to be the substitute for the ten northern tribes, so that they would not have to make that trip to Jerusalem each year to the temple of God. Dan created for them a new form of religion that was going to fit their needs better then the prophets of God had for them. Are you starting to catch on? The new ways and forms of religions are being substituted for the ways of God. The quotes in the sermons are from what this scholar, or that man had to say, and not what God's Word has to say.

{Just like most all of the books we find in our religious book stores; and church quarterlies! Let's not go there!} 

The "manner" is the mode of worship. Back in Amos 7:13 the priest said; "But prophesy not again any more a Beth'-el: for it is the king's chapel, and it is the king's court." God's house is the house of the king (government), and it is the government that decides what will be worshipped there. They get their control through the tax codes, which issues the regulations and guidelines for organizing and operating the churches, and the laws of the land. It is no different now then what it was in Amos' day. The king's court (government) controls the very life of the church. When the government withholds tax status, people just don't come.

The majority of Christians today are biblically illiterate for they have never had the Word of God taught to them chapter by chapter and line by line, but they have been led into the traditions of men that are taught within the church systems. The one thing that you used to be able to say about the church systems was that they did teach morals, which is the one thing that kept the world from spinning out of control; but can't say that today.

This then is an example of what our Father is telling us. Just as sure as those children way back then were fed from the manna that fell from heaven each day for their care, so also are we today, when we take of God's Word daily that is before each of us. The manna today is the spiritual Word of understanding that we can have, and that makes us without excuse. We have the Bible and the tools that go to give understanding in translating from those ancient times of the prophets into our language of today. There are good teachers today that can reveal the Word and clear up misunderstanding, and we can all be baptized under that cloud of His Word.

Just as God was now well pleased with those children of Israel in the wilderness, and the fact that these people witnessed the opening of the Red sea, and all the miracles that went along with their travels, these people still allowed themselves to be deceived. There is something coming that is going to deceive Christians that are not well grounded in the prophecies of His Word, concerning our generation. They will fall because they have not studied the Word concerning the coming of the Messiahs for there are two of them,, and they have only heard of One. They know of our Savior, the Rock, but they have not armed themselves for the messiah that comes first, who is the great deceiver, that shall come and deceive the whole world.

I Corinthians 10:6 "Now these things were our examples, to the intent we should not lust after evil things, as they also lusted."

These things that were written about in the Old Testament concerning Moses and the Prophets were examples or types to show us what we could expect in our generation. The children of Israel listened to the men that were around them, that claimed to be their spiritual leaders, and lusted after their teachings. In the wilderness they gathered together all their gold and put it into a golden calf, and worshipped a dumb idol. Later when the Solomon died, and the kingdom split, the house of Israel listened to the men of Dan, and worshipped the calves that they made for the sake of having something new and saving of time. When God Himself had fed them and cared for them, and destroyed their enemies they would not turn to God, but listened to the traditions of men.

Remember when Moses sent out twelve spies to spy out the land while they were in the wilderness. Ten of those spies came back and reported to Moses that there were giants out there in the land, and the people became afraid of the giants with no names. That is how it is today, the people are becoming scared of the giants of our days, those things that are said, but untrue, and they tend to believe the lies instead of God's Word. Giants are fear, and simple common sense will overcome those fears. The press reports lies and those things are grabbed and believed without even a second thought. We are turning our thinking process over to Satan's children to interpret for us.

My Christian friend, there are no giants when you are trained and fit for the spiritual battle that is upon us. It is important to use common sense to protect ourselves and our family, and when you study God's plan to know what tomorrow brings, there should be no surprises, and it will prosper you. After all God has laid out in His plan exactly what tomorrow will bring and when we know it, common sense will tell you what is happening, and what we should do. God will take care of you and there are no giants in the land if you are in God's camp. Every thing that happened to the ancient Israelites is our example.

I Corinthians 10:7 "Neither be ye idolaters, as were some of them; as it is written, "The people sat down to eat and drink, and rose up to play."

After they had experienced the beauty of the fresh water that flowed from the Rock, they then built themselves an idol and bowed down to that hunk of gold. How stupid can they be? How stupid can most proclaiming Christians of the 21st. century be?

Exodus 32:2 "And Aaron said unto them, "Break off the golden earrings, which are in the ears of your wives, of your sons, and of your daughters, and bring them unto me."

Aaron is supposed to be God's priest before the people. Paul is saying that in the latter days this is how it also shall be. It will be the priests and ministers at the top of God's religious orders who will be the ones to plead for your golden earrings, your wealth, so he they build his new temple, or image for you to worship in his new ways. {This is the temple Christ is coming to destroy when He returns, There will not be one stone, spiritually speaking, left standing atop another.}

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Exodus 32:3 "And all the People brake off the golden earrings which were in their ears, and brought them unto Aaron."

Aaron was the priest of all the people of Israel, and it is the priest that is asking for the people to contribute to this new idol that he is going to form. The people took the gold that God gave them when he brought them up out of Egypt, and now the people are giving those golden things back to the priest to use for the idol that will replace God in their worship. It is like spitting back in God's face.

Exodus 32:4 "And he received them at their hand, and fashioned it with a graving tool, after he had made it a molten calf: and they said, "These be thy gods, O Israel, which brought thee up out of the land of Egypt."

Aaron the priest received the gold in his hand, and Aaron fashioned the new religious form, and make the golden calf. Aaron the priesthood declared these idols to be gods, and now Aaron is declaring that these calves are what brought them up out Egypt. Does this sound like stupidity at its highest? The very priests of God that are to lead the people in the ways of God are now forming a new religious forms and giving the idols of that form all the credit that God has done. Pure common sense tells us that something has gone very wrong with the whole mind of the people while Moses is up on the mountain getting the ten commandments and the law from God.

It would be about one thousand years later that the offspring of these Israelites followed the tribe of Dan and set out of make two other golden calves for their religious order. This is exactly what the house of Israel did after the death of Solomon, and it is called "following traditions". They thought it was right doing something that the forefathers did, and that made their idolatry all right. If grandpa bet his soul in the rapture theory, than the rapture theory must be all right; this is the same logic that the church world is using today in their chasing fairy-tales and placing their hopes in fly-away doctrines.

Exodus 32:5 "And when Aaron saw it, he built an altar before it; and Aaron made proclamation, and said, "To morrow is a feast to the Lord."

Aaron now builds an altar before this idol, to make the idol look like it has some respect, then he makes his declaration or proclamation that the next day they would have a great feast to "the Lord". The golden calf is not the True God, but this object that Aaron has just declared to be God.

Remember that Paul said that all these things that happened then are types of things that would be happening in our generation, the generation that would see the end of this earth age of the flesh. The people now are set for a feast and they have taken on this golden calf to be their god, because the priest that spoke on behalf of the True God when God was doing his miracles, is now declaring something new. The people that call themselves of God are accepting the new form even though it goes against all common sense.

Exodus 32:6 "And they rose up early on the morrow, and offered burnt offerings, and brought peace offerings; and the people sat down to eat and to drink, and rose up to play."

Pay attention now, the people are following the proper method for worshipping the True God and they think that they are doing it God's way, only their burnt offerings are now for and to this golden calf. What do you imagine that God is thinking of this turn of events? Do you really think God will accept any part of their form of burnt offerings and peace offerings of His worship that is given over to a calf? Of course not. This gives us a real good look at the degradation that the people brought on their own heads.

I Corinthians 10:8 "Neither let us commit fornication, as some of them committed, and fell in one day three and twenty thousand."

"Fornication" as used here is "idolatry". They worshipped that dumb golden calf using the same form as they did when worshipping the True God. God Himself had led them day and night out of Egypt, and now all they can do is substitute the things of God for their own pleasures. All those that took part of that orgy to the false gods died on that day. It was an insult to the living God, and while God was in the process of giving Moses the very law of His Word, they should turn against him in such a fashion.

We are in the end generation today, and watch out for this same thing is happening today. There are a lot of golden calves running around in the wilderness today, and they are no better than the golden calf that Aaron design in his day. There are no giants in this day, so there is nothing to fear. It is by your reading and understanding of God's holy Word that you will see everything exactly for what it is. When there are no mysteries, then there can be no fear coming from the mysteries of this world.

I Corinthians 10:9 "Neither let us tempt Christ, as some of them also tempted, and were destroyed of serpents."

You know who the "serpent" people are, and Christ made it very clear in Matthew 3:7 that they are the Kenites that mixed in with the house of Judah. "But he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees come to his baptism, he said unto them, "O generation of vipers [serpents], who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come".

In John 8:44 Jesus told them exactly who they were when they sought to kill Jesus for what He was teaching. Yet the preachers of today like to spiritualize away what Jesus was saying.

John 8:44 "Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he spaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it."

It is no secret who the first murderer was, he was Cain, the son who was born from the sexual union of Satan in the role of the serpent or deceiver, and mother Eve. Cain was a liar just like his father Satan the devil was. They were liars because there was no truth in them. These offspring of Cain are called "Kenites", and they were the ones that had taken over the jobs that God assigned to the Levites. In I Chronicles 2:55 we see that they had taken over the duties of the scribes, while Ezra 8:15 tells us that coming out of the Babylon captivity there was not one Levite amongst them to perform the duties of the priesthood when they did return to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple. The word "Kenite" in Strong's Hebrew Dictionary is # 7014, and 7017. Though they call themselves of Israel, they are not, but as Jesus said; "they lie and are not, but they are of the synagogue of Satan." [Revelation 2:9; 3:9]

I Chronicles 2:55 "And the families of the scribes which dwelt at Jabez [Jerusalem]; the Tirathites, the Shimeathites, and Suchathites. These are the Kenites that came of Hemath, the father of the house of Rechab." {Don't let anyone tell you that Cain's descendants didn't survive Noah's flood; I Chronicles 2;55 written  many years after the flood.}

"Hemath" the land of the offspring of Cain is the land of the Kenites, and these Kenites are "of the house or nation of Rechab", not of the house or nations of Israel. They are the ones that had taken over the duties of the Levitical scribes, and are keeping the records of God's people. Think of it, the ones that Jesus addressed in John 8:44 are the offspring of these same Kenites that had taken over the priesthood some 600 years earlier.

Ezra 8:15 "And I gathered them together to the river that runneth to Ahava; and there abode we in tents three days: and I viewed the People, and the priests, and found there none of the sons of Levi."

Ezra was leading a wagon train, much the same way that early America was settled, and three days out of Babylon they came to a river and Ezra decided to pause and account for all the people and supplies that were in the group returning to Jerusalem. Remember that the purpose of returning to Jerusalem was to build the Temple, the streets and the walls to reestablish the worship as it had previously been. However, there were no Levitical priests to perform the worship service the way that God required. All of the priesthood had been taken over by these Nethinims [strangers], who we know were the Kenites of the three families recorded in I Chronicles 2:55.

So why are we going through all this history? Because Paul has told us that what we are going to see happening in the latter days are going to be as it was written in the Old Testament. These thing are "ensamples" or types of what we are witnessing today. People that are strangers to our Lord Jesus Christ are assumming the roles of God's ministers and transform or disguise themselves into ministers of light. We read of this in II Corinthians 11:14, 15. {The fifth trump of Revelation is sounding. Locusts, locusts every where!  Tell ye your children of it, and let your children tell their children, and their children another generation.

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II Corinthians 11:14 "And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light."

The word "transformed" in the Greek text is #3345 in the Strong's Greek dictionary; "Metachematizo, met-as-trif'-o; to transfigure or disguise." It is to modify or change into something that you are not. Satan will appear to be the True Christ, when in fact he is just the same old snake that he was back in the garden of Eden, out to trick those that do not have the seal of the Word of God in their minds, into worshipping him as the Messiah Jesus Christ.

II Corinthians 11:15 "Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works."

Paul is saying that if Satan is out to trick you into believing Satan is Christ, then don't think for one moment that his ministers, these Kenites and those that follow their teachings will also transform or disguise themselves as Christ's ministers, when in fact what they are teaching is of Satan. These again are warnings to our generation, living under the one world system of how things will be in our day.

I Corinthians 10:10 "Neither murmur ye, as some of them also murmured, and were destroyed of the destroyer."

"The destroyer" is another name for Satan. He will come as the destroying angel in our generation, and we saw his affects in Egypt before the children of Israel left. Satan is coming back as the "instead of Christ" very shortly, and then all the people that are biblically illiterate, that have been told that Jesus Christ returns first, to fly them out of here in a rapture. They will worship the false christ because their priest and ministers will lead them right to the altar of the Satan. They are the Aaron's of our day, they mold their images of what they want you to believe, even though God's Word tells you differently, and the people believe it. They bring their tithes and the offerings to these houses of idolatry, and in their minds they think they are doing well.

They believe in their promises of their rapture doctrine that says they will be flown out of here to escape the disasters that are coming upon the earth. They know that there is spiritual disaster but they relate it all to a physical destruction that their priests and ministers have fixed in their minds. Better than ninety nine out of one hundred Christians today are looking for a flight out of here, rather than preparing themselves for the coming of Satan with his many powers, miracles, and deceiving wonders. They are ripe for the picking by Satan and his fallen angels, along with his children the Kenites.

However when you are one of God's little ones, and you have the true knowledge of God in your mind then you have God's protection at that time. Jesus is the Good Shepherd, and when a pack of wolves attack one of His little ones, He is there to protect His own.

I Corinthians 10:11 "Now all these things happened unto them for ensamples: and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come."

"Ensamples" in the manuscripts is the Greek word "tupos", number 5179 in the Strong's Greek dictionary. "a sample, or type; i.e. a model for imitation, a fashion, for manner, or form." So Paul is telling us that those things that we read about in the Old Testament, of the events of the prophets of old are examples of what we should be looking for in our day. This is written to alert all people to be aware of how it shall be before Christ returns. What was written in the Exodus, or in Amos is written as examples for our admonition or warning. All of the Scriptures is given as a warning to those who are living in the times of the ends of this world age of the flesh. We will see the end of the flesh age come to a close, and there are many things that will come to pass right before our eyes, some have already, that were written about in detail way back in the Old Testament time, and Paul is telling you and I to wake up to those warnings.

Each of the events that took place, the opening of the Red sea, the building of the false religious forms, and so on. God is telling us "look little children that is what is going to happen to you at the close of this earth age". We are living in that age, and these things are happening now. Can you learn by this? It is so simple. God did not leave us helpless nor hopeless in these end times, and that is why we must become skilled in all of His Word. It is all an example of what is going to befall us in our generation.

I Corinthians 10:12 "Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall."

Before you can stand against any one or thing, you must first know who you are standing against. You are standing against Satan and his forces. Before you can protect yourself from what he is bringing against you, you must first put on the armor that will give you your protection. The battle is coming, and the field that it will be fought on is your mind. It will not be fought with guns, and bullets, but with words and ideas, of concepts that sound real good, but if you trust in them it will claim your soul.

Ephesians 6:10 "Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might."

When we arm ourselves in the word of God, we should grow up to have the strength and power to set the direction for our lives. We should be able to know truth from false teaching, false doctrine, and false information. To "be strong in the Lord", means to be sure in your mind of the Lord. Our strength in the Lord comes from the things we can do in the authority of Jesus Christ's name. God's might is where all of our power comes from.

Ephesians 6:11 "Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil."

We are in the end times and in a fierce spiritual battle. Have you scouted the enemy to know who he is, and from what source his [her] forces come from? The enemy is Satan, his evil spirits, and his offspring on the earth called the "Kenites", and all those that follow their ways. God is going to give these evil forces authority to exercise their authority and bring about the fulfillment of His plan for these latter days. They are the negative part of God's plan.

Satan will be kicked out of heaven very shortly; cast down upon to the earth, and then will be the time noted as the "great tribulation [deception]", and there will be two tribulations for after the first six seals, the second tribulation will come and in the second one God will bring down the cup of His wrath on the whole world. Then is when the "wiles of the devil" will take place for it is the lies, tricks, and deceitfulness he and his offspring [the Kenites] will use to bring down all Christians who don't have the seal of God in their forheads {minds}.

The "whole armor" is all the protection necessary to stand against those lies and deceptions. Your entire body has to be protected against Satan, or he will out wit you, and you will not stand. The point to putting on all the armor is that you have complete protection to stand against any trick that Satan will throw against you.

Ephesians 6:12 "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

This battle we are going to fight is not against "flesh and blood" and the people that we talk to on the streets today, but it will be Satan and the fallen angels, or angelic beings that appear to be men and women in the flesh, when in fact they are not. [and they are going to be desguised as ministers of Christ] The battle of the "time of the great deception" will be against hidden and deceitful spiritual powers, and Satan is the prince of all of those dark spiritual forces. Satan is not out to take your flesh body, but he is out to control the minds and actions of not only the rulers of this earth, but all evil spirits in the heavenlies; he wants your soul. Keep in mind. Satan is not the "evil looking character" you see portrayed in the phone booth booklets; he was a handsome charismatic "priest of God" is the first earth age. He will still look the part; his appearance will not have changed!  

There is only one way to prepare mentally to do battle with Satan and his realm, for this battle is not with military might, but with seducing words that deceive the mind of those not prepared. That battle is with words and doctrines, and the concepts of ideas. These are the "fiery darts" that Satan will use to bring you down.

Ephesians 6:13 "Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand."

We will stand against Satan, and all his forces, and that evil day is just before the Lord's return. On the day when Satan comes we had better have our whole armor on and in place and be ready to do spiritual battle.

Ephesians 6:14 "Stand therefore, having you loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness."

Your "girt" is your belt, and that is what holds you pants up, and our spiritual belt is the truth of God's Word: all of it. Like a belt, it also holds you together, and keeps you for flying off in all directions. If you know what to expect from Satan when he comes, you will not be so apt to stray off into Satan's camp in ignorance.

Your "breastplate of righteousness" is our justification or authority for everything we say or do. That is the also the Word of God. It will protect you, but only if you are able to think for yourself and the wisdom to direct our thinking can only come from God. You have to put that spiritual direction in your mind before Satan arrives for once he is here it is too late.

Ephesians 6:15 "And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;"

There is only one kind of "true peace" and that is what comes from the knowledge of Jesus Christ. The "gospel of peace" is the "good news of God's full plan". Your feet are used to walk with and get you around, while the shoes are for the protection of your feet while they do the walking.

There are no secrets of these final days, for they are all in the Word of God. There is no need of stumbling into some unknown activity or trap, for it is all spelled out in God's Word.

Ephesians 6:16 "Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked."

Paul is telling us that this is the most important armor "above all" the rest of the armor. When we put on our "shield of faith" we can quench or snuff out all of Satan's fiery darts. There is absolutely nothing that Satan can send your way that you can't handle when you are filled with the seal of the living God. Your faith is what you accept to be true because it is what you count on in your every day life. It is the action that you do living, for it controls your very being.

God told Satan in Revelation 9:4; "And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads." Your mind is in your forehead, and it is what you believe to be true, and the faith and confidence that you have in Jesus Christ, and His Word is the seal of God. The seal of God is all of the Scriptures that deal with the time that Satan is here on earth deceiving mankind.

Ephesians 6:17 "And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God:"

The "sword of the Spirit" is the Word of God, and the "helmet of salvation" is Christ. for Jesus Christ is the only one that does the saving. Our Salvation come by our faith and belief in Jesus Christ, and His finished work on the cross. Our repentance is in the name of Jesus Christ. That work was Jesus' life and His death and resurrection. All this was done by Him to pay the price for each and every sin that we have done. However, those sins are only forgiven by Him through our repentance to the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ephesians 6:18 "Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints,"

Make sure that it is your spirit that is guiding your prayer and not your flesh. Look out for each other, and keep other Christians warm in the Spirit. Intercessory prayers and giving support when it is needed in necessary to help the brethren.

Ephesians 6:19 "And for me, that utterance may be given unto me, that I may open my mouth boldly, to make known the mystery of the gospel,"

The "mystery of the gospel" is stated in Ephesians 1:4; "I chose you before the foundations of this world age", that was when the "overthrow of Satan" took place. Paul is saying, if you are going to prove yourself worthy, then do it in this earth age of the flesh.

Ephesians 6:20 "For which I am an ambassador in bonds; that therein I may speak boldly, as I ought to speak."

Paul is commanding you and I that when we speak of the truths of God's Word, that we be direct and forthright. That we be bold in what we say and speak with authority. When we have the gospel armor on and in place there is no confusion. The gospel armor is Christ, the Word of God, and the wisdom and knowledge that comes from them, and it is the ability for you to not only have that knowledge but be able to use and maneuver with those things. Then will be the only time that you will be able to stand against the fiery darts of Satan's deception. There are very few Christians today that understand the prophecy concerning the true Christ as well as the false christ. Take care Christian, lest ye fall.

I Corinthians 10:13 "There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, Who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it."

There is no temptation that comes upon your mind that is not common to all men in the flesh, and this applies to women also. In other words, when you stand with the true armor of the gospel on and in place, and you are delivered up before the destroyer which was the subject of verse ten, then at that time God will provide the way that you will escape. You are not even to premeditate what you are going to say at that time.

Mark 13:11 "But when they shall lead you, and deliver you up, take no thought beforehand what ye shall speak, neither do ye premeditate: but whatsoever shall be given you in that hour, that speak ye: for it is not ye that speak, but the Holy Ghost [Spirit]."

God is going to speak through you, and He wants you to be a warrior for Him, one that He can trust and rely upon that will be ready to speak the words that the Holy Ghost places in your mind to speak at that moment. There is no way for anyone to trip you up ahead of time, for only the Spirit of God knows the spiritual weapons that He will use. This is part of those seven things that were foretold in Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21 that would take place before the coming of our Lord and Savior. This delivering up is one of those seals that spoken of there. The instruction is that you are not to premeditate what you are going to say, but say only that which is given you at that time.

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We are going into a battle that most Christians today are just not ready, for they are not prepared for the spiritual forces that are coming against us. It is time to focus on the living Word of God, for that is our only protection against Satan.

I Corinthians 10:14 "Wherefore, my dearly beloved, flee from idolatry."

Flee from idolatry, one verse super-preachers and anyone that is lazy in the Word of God. Get away from them as far as you can. Flee from any one or thing that can mislead you in these final days.

I Corinthians 10:15 "I speak as to wise men; judge ye what I say."

Paul is speaking here all the way to the third level, and just a word to the wise should be sufficient. The third level deals with being mentally mature spiritually and the rest of this chapter deals with that height of understanding. The rest of the chapter is prophetic concerning the end times.

I Corinthians 10:16 "The cup of blessing which we bless, is it not the communion of the blood of Christ? The bread which we break, is it not the communion of the body of Christ?"

Paul is asking the question he, and of course "the cup of blessing which we bless" at the communion table is in remembrance of the blood of Christ. Communion is to join us all together in one mind, and the one body is the body of Christ. It is done in remembrance of the stripes that Jesus took as He went to the cross to shed His blood for you and me.

I Corinthians 10:17 "For we being many are one bread, and one body: for we are all partakers of that one bread."

Friend, there is no famine in these end times for those who are truly part of that one body which is Christ. We join ourselves together at the communion table as we break the bread, and we are unified there into the one body of Christ. Jesus Christ is that bread, that manna from the wilderness, and He is the one that allows you to understand the mysteries of His Word, that will protect you from the deceit of the destroyer that is coming.

I Corinthians 10:18 "Behold Israel after the flesh: are not they which eat of the sacrifices partakers of the altar?"

Paul is saying, look at Israel in the flesh, not in the spiritual light. When the Levitical priest partook at the altar of God, there were parts that not only the priest could take of, but all the congregation could partake also. The fellowship of Israelites was by the act of bringing their sacrifices to the altar and taking part themselves. Communion is just as that was; Communion is one with the other of the sacraments and Passover that we share with each other. Jesus Christ is our Passover as we read in I Corinthians 5:7.

I Corinthians 10:19 "What say I then? that the idol is any thing, or that which is offered in sacrifice to idols is any thing?"

Paul is asking you to think, what is it that he is trying to tell you and me? I am talking to you as one that is wise, and now I have contradicted what I had said to you back in the eighth chapter, verse four. Remember? "If I have a steak that has been offered to idols and there is nobody around, I am going to eat that steak." However, Paul now is talking about idolatry, which is the worshipping demons, and demons being present while the worshipping is going on. Paul is telling us that there is a difference to the two events, for in the eighth chapter the demons were not present before the idols.

I Corinthians 10:20 "But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God: and I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils."

Paul is telling us that when the Gentiles do their sacrifice, there is a supernatural evil spirit present during their sacrifices. We are talking of an evil spirit that is supernatural. To eat the food that they have offered is fine, only don't partake of the fake religious ceremonies that go on during their sacrifices. Paul is telling us that we are not even to argue with Satan and his forces of demonics, but we are to just tell them to get out and go back to where you came from. If you think that you can argue with any demonic spirit you will lose, for they are supernatural in power and knowledge even of God's Word. A mere human will lose every time when one of them tries to out think an evil spirit. If you fool around with the evil  supernatural, you will get burned.

Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father is supernatural also and He is more powerful than Satan and all his forces. The power that we use to dispel Satan and his evil spirits is the Spirit of God, and when we are in Him, He gives us the authority to order Satan and his forces out of our lives.

Where demons are present, it falls into the hands of a mature Christian that can discern spirits so that the Father will act immediately to force those evil spirits out of your midst. You don't even have to say it out loud, but God can read your mind and He will respond to your request. All you have to say is for them to get behind you, and go back to where they came from.

Luke 10:18 "And He said unto them, "I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven."

Luke 10:19 "Behold, I give you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you."

The "serpents" are the Kenites, the offspring of Cain the son of the sexual union between Satan and Eve in the garden of Eden. The "scorpions" are the fallen angels, and out of their angelic bodies they are Satan's evil spirits. They are our enemies, and God has given us power over all of our enemies.

Luke 10:20 "Notwithstanding in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven."

Paul is telling us here that we are not to play around with the things of the devil or we will be burnt spiritually. A Christians can sense those things that are not of the Father, and that there is something evil about it. Paul is telling us to keep our priorities in order when we are out in the world, and don't play with demonic things.

I Corinthians 10:21 "Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord's table, and of the table of devils."

This is an absolute statement, and you had better read it over several times. You simply cannot drink the cup of the Lord and that of the devils. You cannot be a partaker of both the Lord's table and the table of devils, it just cannot be done. When you are of God and part of the body of Christ, you do not stand for any compromise with the things of Satan and his fallen angels or demons. You can not serve both! It's one or the other!

Do you realize that many Christians will be partaking of the devil's table and they will be doing it very soon. Our Messiah is not the only communion, and that is why Paul stipulated here that you can not partake of both the tables. This is also why Jesus stated in Matthew 24:15; "When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)"

Jesus was referring to what Daniel the prophet wrote in Daniel 9:27: "And he confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate."

Satan is the desolator that will be standing in the Temple in Jerusalem where he is not to be, and while he is there in the role of false messiah, the whole world will believe him to be the true Christ, Jesus. It is then that Satan will declare himself to be the Christ, and the whole world will believe him. Why? Because they have been taught to do so in their church houses, and houses of worship around the world. This is the "abomination of desolation" spoken of by Jesus when he told His disciples what to expect prior to His coming at the end of this earth age.

This is not the true Christ but the "son of perdition" spoken of in II Thessalonians 2:3, and the "sacrifice and the oblation" that shall cease during that time when Satan is here on earth playing the role the false christ is what we call communion. When Jesus Christ went to the cross and died, he became our oblation and sacrifice, and every time we take communion we take that oblation in remembrance of him. The bread is the body of Christ and the cup that is taken is in remembrance of His shed blood on the cross that was given for our sins. He became our burnt offerings and sacrifices for one and all times.

Hebrews 10:7 "Then said I, Lo, I come (in the volume of the book it is written of Me) to do thy will, O God."

Hebrews 10:8 "Above when He said, "Sacrifices and offering and burnt offerings and offerings for sin Thou wouldest not, neither hadst pleasure therein; " which are offered by the law;"

Jesus became the daily sacrifice for sin for one and all times, and at the cross Jesus fulfilled all the sin blood sacrifices ritual required under the law. There is never anymore required the killing of sheep, or goats but Jesus Christ became the sacrifice.

This is what communion is all about and this is what is cut off during the middle of the week of the tribulation period. They, professing Christians,  stop taking communion in the middle of the week because Satan has arrived on earth and all of the Christian world will think that Jesus Christ is here with is. All, that is, except God's elect who know the truth, and have the full volume of the Book [Bible] stored in their minds. We know that the one who appears first is the false christ, and he is of no desire to us. As long as we are in the flesh body we know that we will not see Jesus Christ, and we keep right on taking our communion even if it is in private.

Those that believe in a rapture of God's people prior to Satan's coming to earth in person in the role of the spurious messiah [instead of Christ] have already taken received the "mark of the beast". For the "mark of the beast" is what is in your mind at the time that Satan arrives, and if you believe that Satan is Christ and worship him, you are taken by him in spiritual whoredom. There is no middle ground for you either have the seal of God, or the seal of Satan in your mind. You either know the truth, or you will believe a lie at Satan's coming for Satan will put on such a spectacular show that the whole world will think this supernatural person is God. In ignorance and within the traditions such as the rapture theory, and any moment doctrine, their teachings coming from their Church houses, Christians are being groomed and prepared, by their churches and, one verse ministers, to receive Satan as their messiah.

Back in Daniel 9:27 where it says; "for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate," the Massorah text says "on the wings of abomination he shall make it desolate." Satan is the desolator. "Desolation" is a condition while desolator is a person or entity. Satan is the one that makes the abomination happen when he declares himself to be God, and the entire world, except for the "elect of God" believe his lies. The "consummation" is the end of all things, all prophecies that deal with this age of the flesh. It is at the end of this earth age that all of the determined prophecies of God's holy Word will be poured on the desolator Satan, and not the desolate, which is a condition.

II Thessalonians 2:1 "Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto Him."

So there is no misunderstanding here, the topic and subject is "the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ" at the seventh and last trumpet. That is what Paul is calling "our gathering together unto Him." That marks the end of this flesh age, and the entering into the Millennium age where there will be no flesh bodies. We will discuss this later in I Corinthians 15:50 through 55.

II Thessalonians 2:2 "That ye be not soon, shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter, as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand."

The church of the Thessalonians were confused by what was written in Paul's first letter to them, and now Paul is writing immediately to correct any misunderstanding. Paul explained it clearly to them when he was in person, and now this is to correct any doubts of confusion that may be present.

II Thessalonians 2:3 "Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition."

Did you get that? Jesus Christ is not coming until Satan, the man of sin is revealed first. Satan is the "son of perdition" for he became that son of perdition back in Ezekiel 28:18, when God pronounced judgment upon him. Satan will come first and then after his world rule, then Jesus Christ will come. There is two tribulations, one by Satan, and the other by God. The first is the six seal and six trumpets that mark these events, while God tribulation comes at the seventh trumpet with the woes that will bring an end to this age of the flesh. Satan's tribulation is deception that will cause mankind to fall from God by their own choosing, while God's tribulation brings an end to evil and the things of Satan upon the earth.

II Thessalonians 2:4 "Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the Temple of God, shewing himself that he is God."

Satan is the one that opposes God and exalts himself above all that is called God. Satan is the one that commits the abomination of calling himself God, and the desolation comes when the world, including Christians believe him. That isn't too difficult to understand, yet is from this that the rapture theory is formed, by the twisting of the truth, and removing of the Holy Spirit from the earth. How stupid. The Holy Spirit is going no where, but it is He that gives the protection and understanding to God's elect and allows them to see what is going on right here during the reign of Satan. The false christ is coming first, and that is why it is necessary to take the time to learn what God's Word says is going to happen, so that when it does you will not be taken in by those supernatural acts of Satan, and the lies that he will tell.

Again what Paul is saying is that you cannot partake of both tables, and take part in both ways. The false messiah is coming and he is coming before there is any gathering back to Christ, and when you sit down at false messiah's table there is no room for you at Christ's table.

I Corinthians 10:22 "Do we provoke the Lord to jealousy? are we stronger than He?"

Again, you are supposed to be a virgin, the bride of Christ, and when you chase after Satan in an whorish act you will be provoking the Lord to jealousy. When you start playing with demonic things and take of the false cup, or allow yourself to become biblically illiterate then you are sitting at the false messiah's table.

Editor's Note: Matthew 24:13  But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

When you whore around with Satan is it any wonder Christ says to you at His return,  "...I never knew you: depart from me..."

Matthew 7:21  Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. 22  Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? 23  And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

Is it any wonder he would say He never knew you if He returns and find you spiritually pregnant with Satan's baby! You were to be His bride and you didn't wait for His return! Instead you went whoring after the false Christ!

I Corinthians 10:23 "All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not."

Even though all things can be done by a Christians with a clear conscience, yet by doing them you may be hindered in the building of your character. You can eat whatever you want that is of good heath, and devils have no part in whether it is good for you or not. However in eating those things, how is your character going to suffer in the eyes of the child in Christ. Though it may be edifying you, it could be hindering those around you.

I Corinthians 10:24 "Let no man seek his own, but every man another's wealth."

Just by reading this it becomes obvious that something is wrong in the translation. What this is saying is that we are not just to look out for our own interests, but we are to look out for the whole family. The family of God has many members of which many are not able to understand as you do. You would not think of laying a trap for your little brother or sister that would harm them or cause them death, and in the family of God we are to be just as concerned of the spiritual matters that could harm our little brother and sisters in Christ from falling into one of Satan's pitfalls. Don't just be selfishly studying for yourself, but apply your knowledge and pass it on to those that are hungry for the Word of God. If you have a truth and you have the answer, share your knowledge with them.

I Corinthians 10:25 "Whatsoever is sold in the shambles, that eat, asking no question for conscience sake"

Paul is saying that anything that is sold in the market place [shambles] that is what we are to eat, and ask no questions as to the spiritual nature. If it is offered for sale, it is assumed that the meat has been bled properly, and is fit for consumption. Paul is saying that it just doesn't matter if that cut of meat has been offered to idols or not, for to the Christian meat is meat, and demons have no part in the substance. You know that demon worship doesn't have any affect on the meat, so just don't ask about it.

I Corinthians 10:26 "For the earth is the Lord's and the fulness thereof."

You know that everything in this world belongs to our Heavenly Father. You don't have to be afraid of anything for God created all things and it is He that controls everything.

I Corinthians 10:27 "If any of them that believe not bid you to a feast, and ye be disposed to go, whatsoever is set before you, eat, asking no questions for conscience sake:"

If any unbelievers invite you to a feast and you are in a position to where you have to go, then when they place food before you to eat, don't ask whether this food has been offered to idols. It just doesn't matter, keep your mouth shut for your own conscience sake. As a Christian you don't really care if it was or not. In the first place you will ask God's blessings over the food. and even if there was anything demonic about it, those demons will be long gone before it enters your mouth. Even if there was a demon around at the time, The Spirit of God would allow you to discern that demon and you would order it to return to where it came from.

I Corinthians 10:28 "But if any man say unto you, "This is offered in sacrifice unto idols" eat not for his sake that shewed it, and for conscience sake: for the earth is the Lord's and the fulness thereof:"

As long as the man didn't mention that the meat was offered to idols, then eat, however if the host has mentioned that it was offered to an idol or demon, then we are not to eat it for that man's sake, and not for our sake. This is because it would do damage to his conscience. If you would be there in the first place it would be to bring the Word of God, or you would not have attended. Your rejection of his food was because of the unbelievers that are in your presence. In his mind you would be partaking with in in his idol worship. This is the same situation as we read earlier when there was a weak Christians present.

I Corinthians 10:29 "Conscience, I say, not thine own, but of the other: for why is my liberty judged for another man's conscience."

Christ has given us the liberty to do whatever we want to, for we know that our Lord owns all things and all things are for His pleasure. We can curse a demon back to hell and get rid of it, and it will not harm you one bit. However a weak person with a fragile conscience simply cannot handle that. We are to walk easy and tenderly around them so we do not cause them to fall. We protect our own credibility, and the conscience that we are protecting is of the weak Christian.

I Corinthians 10:30 "For if I by grace be a partaker, why am I evil spoken of for that for which I give thanks."

It will only be the weak Christians and the unbeliever that will do the evil speaking of you. God won't judge you for it, for you have thanked Him for that substance.

I Corinthians 10:31 "Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God."

We are always to give thanks to God for the food that we eat. Ask God to bless it to the use and health of your body. God does own all things, and even the job that you have that earns the money for the food is given to you by Him. All blessings come from God and that is why we thank our Heavenly Father for them. We are God's children and God gives us all the blessing that we have.

I Corinthians 10:32 "Give none offence, neither to the Jews, nor to the Gentiles, nor to the church of God:"

We are not suppose to go around offending people, not even the Kenites. We are not to be critical to any of the Gentiles, nor even those churches of God that are missing the mark. When we go into their church houses, we are guests there, and we are to act as a guest should act. If it is possible to plant a seed then do, but if not, don't offend them with your understanding.

I Corinthians 10:33 "Even as I please all men in all things, not seeking mine own profit, but the profit of many, that they may be saved."

Our bringing the name of Jesus to the World, and showing them the love of God and the saving power of Christ is the "great commission". When we go into the world that is what our sole purpose should be, and we may have to play many role and do many things that we would normally not do, for the sake of this great commission. Paul is saying that he will do it, and that should be your and my intentions also. This is why we must study and prepare ourselves to be able to use our gifts well that God has given us.

If you plan to go to people of another language, then either learn to communicate well in that language to where your understanding and be transferred into their mind. Then the truth can go forth to all the nations and all the peoples regardless of their race. After Jesus died on the cross, His salvation was offered to all people of all races.


To study the Bible is the noblest of all pursuits; to understand it, the highest of all goals.
We pray that with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you accomplish both.

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