The Book of Revelation (Table of Contents)

Please keep in mind as you read these accounts in Revelation that our Lord took John spiritually into the future (this is prophecy) and many of these events that he describes haven't happened, as yet, in real time even though John has seen them.

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In Revelation chapters 1 through 3 Christ took the apostle John, in the spirit2000 years into the future to this 21st. century, and showed him what is/will be happening on EARTH and in the seven "END of TIME" churches as we approach the day of Lord, the first day of the Millennium, a time even yet future, but very, very near since we are already 69 years into the "Fig Tree"  generation.

There will be no equal to the deceptions that are going to come, in the history of all mankind. Yet the sermons of today, in most so-called Christian churches, are full of nonsense, with no sense of urgency given even as this great hour of deception is at our doorstep.
The Church sleeps, while the Kenites steal the sheep.   More about these churches below.
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Next we are going to read The seven SEALS of Christ's Revelation and "see" what He showed John is/will be happening in HEAVEN at this same time. 

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Now that you've studied Revelation 1 through 7, are you all sealed?  Yes! Good, then you're ready for the 7 Trumpets of Judgments.

And It is only the first of the three woe trumpets! 

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In chapter 12 this Book of the Unveiling John was privilaged to SEE in PICTURE format the very plan of God, from the first earth age even to the third and last earth age, all in one chapter. And then we'll go into chapter 13 which many people think is the
scariest book of the Bible, and from there we'll see what's happening on earth when Christ returns.
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 Israel, gives birth to the male child, Christ. God's pla
n. We'll also see The Rise and Reign of the Beast and the False Prophet, The beast out of the sea: the deadly wound healed. And  What will be happening on earth when Jesus Christ returns,  from the First Earth Age even to the Third earth Age as presented in Revelation.

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God has allowed and is allowing Satan, through his children, the Kenites, to make alterations in our Bibles. When I compare some of our most popular new versions of the Bible to the original 1611 King James Bible it is shocking what I've found. Many of them published since the 1970s.

Joel1:3 Tell ye your children of it, and let your children tell their children, and their children another generation.

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By the way, if your father or one of your forefathers has broken this commandment of God in Joel 1:3 to tell your children His words contained herein, then YOU get busy studying His Word and learn the truth and restart the process with your children. John 14:15 "If ye love me, keep my commandments."

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We saw the 7 Vials containing the wrath of God poured out upon those who have the mark of the beast in their foreheads (minds) and who worshipped Satan, the false messiah, when he comes to earth claiming to be God.

 Now we'll get a "close up" view of the judgment of the    "Great Whore" Maybe we should update the terminology a little and call her the "Great Slut" because the Holy Spirit wants us to get a real good PICTURE of exactly how He looks upon the false religious system  that spews forth from our churches, that great city where the "son of perdition" will sit claiming that he is God (2 Thes. 2).

We come now to the 20th chapter of Revelation at which point the 7th Trump has sounded and the true Jesus Christ has returned with great power and glory, bringing with Him His army of saints.
Babylon the Great, i.e. the one world political system and the great whore along with Satan's role as the false-christ, the spurious messiah, has been destroyed forever and ever. And as we learned in our chapter 19, ALL flesh has been "changed" and everyone, both the good and the bad are in their spiritual bodies.
So it is the first day of the Millennium and John, who remember in Rev. 1:16 was taken there for an eye witness account, gives us another advanced news report, this time concerning the fate of Satan during the Millennium. Can't you just visualize the headlines?


First Edition


John, the disciple whom Jesus loved, was present today as Michael came down from heaven and appeared on Satan's doorstep with a warrant from the King of kings for his arrest. Satan has been residing in the temple for the last 5 months (ever since Michael cast him from heaven) where he has been impersonating Jesus Christ and claiming he is the Messiah come. He also is being held responsible for orchestrating the murder of God's two witnesses, a despicable crime, which he has been actually celebrating with his cronies for the last 3 1/2 days