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 Pamphlet #10011
     We All Need to Know and Remember:

We should all remember that when you accept Jesus Christ as your pesonal savior, and repent of your sins, the Holy Spirit of God enters into you and when you read “God’s Word”, directs your spirit and mind to learn and understand what the Father, God, expects from you. Our Father. God, expects you to try to live as His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ lived, (Jesus was God, Himself, in a flesh and blood body),  and repent when you do not, Then He accepts you as perfect.  

But please remember when studying your Bible these 2 verses: #1 Romans 15:4 "For whatsoever things were written afore time were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope” .and #2.1 Corinthians 10:11 Now all these things happened unto them for ensamples: and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the world are come.

 It is important to remember these verses, so that we learn by what was "written afore time" which is the prophecy in the Scripture. Every word that was written in the Scriptures, by the Old Testament prophets and New Testament disciples, was written for our learning and understanding. When we study and, rightly divide, the Scriptures patiently, there is a comfort that fills our souls as we apply the knowledge and it becomes part of our mind.   

In Romans 15:4 and 1 Corinthians 10:11 we learn that throughout the Bible, God caused the Israelites to enact many physical things, and had them recorded in scripture to show us, by example, what to expect will happen spiritually to us in these end times.

The prayer that what we have, is the "hope" of eternity, it is our salvation that comes to each of us in repentance for our sins, in Jesus name, and inviting His Holy Spirit to enter into our hearts to cleanse them. It is also the hope of a better life here on earth, and the hope of success in whatever endeavors that we go into, doing those things God's way.

God created this 2nd earth age after Lucifer’s (Lucifer, now called Satan) sin during the 1st earth age, when he tried to overthrow God, and the destruction of that 1st earth age, Live Link to> (“Lucifer’s Flood”), as the earth is described in Genesis 1:2 (see Jeremiah 4:23-26 & 2 Peter 3:5, 8 &13) which God caused to happen in His fierce anger because of that rebellion, (Read our study Lucifer’s Flood”), when Lucifer enticed 1/3 of us angels (God’s originally created children, in the beginning, prior to His creation of earth, Genesis1:1) to join him in his overthrow attempt. (Read our studies. Live Links to> The Age of the Dinosaurs and to>The Pre Adamic World”).

We, all of us angels, lived here on earth with Lucifer as our leader, during the age of the dinosaurs in angelic (celestial) bodies. Note: thats why the scientists claim we didn't live here then, we didn't die like animals do (and we do now, in this earth age), or have any bones to leave behind, if we had died, God loves us and saved us from that destruction of the 1st earth age by bringing us back to heaven during the destruction of the 1st earth age. And starting in Genesis 1:3 He rebuilt the earth, making it livable again for animal, flesh and blood life; And He created animal bodies for us to now come to earth in this 2nd earth age,, born to woman,  (in our turn), to live on this 2nd earth age, providing a way for us to still salvage our souls. Even the ones of us who assisted Lucifer in his rebellion: IF we….(believe, repent, ask for His forgiveness,) 

See Live Link to>  "Noah's Flood" because in Noah's day there were only 8 (Noah and his family) pure blood descendants of Adam and Eve left on earth, it took another (much smaller and less devastating) flood in that part of the earth to rid the earth of the contaminated blood line brought about by Satan's fallen angels, who were coming to earth, out of turn, not being first born of woman, and fathering hi bred children to daughters of Eve, which if allowed to continue would have contaminated the pure pedigree blood line leading to the birth of Jesus Christ, to a pure blood descendant of " 'eth-ha adham", left on earth with a pure, Adam and Eve pedigree blood line. (" 'eth-ha adham", means this one man in particular and his help meet Eve), who, both of which God formed as recorded in Genesis 2:7, for this special purpose to remain of pure pedigree through to the birth of the virgin Mary who gave birth to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, as a flesh and blood human being (God Himself with us). Also read our studies of the book of Jude and Chapter 6 of Genesis. You will find links to them both in "Studies on Book of the Bible" table of contents, in the narrow left column on our website.

He designed and created our flesh and blood (terrestrial) bodies, and He knows what it takes to overcome the negative and dark forces within our world. We live in this world, and being a follower of Christ, is our only hope to be an overcomer, and is written in His Word. We must learn to use God's direction in our daily lives, and apply it through our common sense.

See “Are You Saved” located in the center column right here on our American Wisdom Series website.


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