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Lucifer's/Satan's flood

God, in anger over Lucifer's betrayal, removed us from the earth during that first earth age and destroyed everything, actually knocking the earth off its perfect axis and causing a world wide flood [Lucifer's flood; not Noah's flood] which killed all flesh and blood life. [The end of the dinosaurs]

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#6203     Most Christians have a big problem here understanding the first two verses of the Bible!
#2221     Lucifer's/Satan's Flood  
#6205     But why did God destroy the first heaven and earth age?
"Is There a Conflict Between Science and the Bible?"

God sentenced Lucifer to everlasting death, with the sentence to be carried out at a future date only after He [God] uses him to help discover which of us will, truly, by our own free will, remain or become faithful to Him during a second earth age. God chose not to destroy us, His children, at that time, even the ones who followed Lucifer, because He loves us and realized we had no appreciation of the finality of death; our only experience with death, having been witness to the life and death of the flesh and blood beings of the animal kingdom [dinosaurs and such] during that first earth age. A number of us who had stayed faithful to God, continuing to worship Him and showing our love for Him. The majority of us did not take sides with Lucifer against God,  but we also did not actively choose God over Lucifer either. God knew that many of us could not really appreciate the finality of death, even though we witnessed it in animals, so He had a plan whereby we could be saved from the same fate as Lucifer which is eternal death of the soul.

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#5002     Once upon a time there was a previous earth age
#4194   Why was Lucifer condemed?
#4195   The first sin by Lucifer was: I will, I will, I will, I will, I will,!

#5003  Did it ever occur to you that you were being deceived
when you were taught only the bad things about Satan?
#5004     What was Satan's gross sin during the first earth age?
#5005     Why hasn't God destroyed Satan yet?
#5006   God Completely Destroyed The First Earth Age.
#5007     The second verse of the Bible
#4191   God Destroyed the first earth and also the first heaven.
#4195     The first sin by Lucifer was: I will, I will, I will, I will, I will!

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