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There were 2 different sets of human beings
 made in the beginning of this earth age

Did You Know That?

The first one (creation) is talked about in Genesis chapter 1.
The second one (forming) is talked about in chapter 2.

But before we get to that you must know we, our souls, were all created millions or maybe even billions of years ago. We all lived in the age of the dinosaurs.
we're all older then the hills!

You never heard of such a thing, you say!
Well, Stick Around, I'm not kidding.

Let's talk about the original creation of our souls.
And it's purpose!
God created us, His Children, as spirit beings, for His pleasure. He loved us and His desire was for us to voluntarily love Him in return. He could have programed each of our souls to love him with no other choice allowed, but, He wanted our love for him to be because that's what we desired, by our own free will. But it didn't turn out that way. 
Revelation 12:4 says Lucifer enticed 1/3 of us, God's children, to join his rebellion against God, in the first earth age.

It would be good for your understanding to read the following before you go any further in  this study
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How many of us souls did God originally create? This is only speculation but I believe God originally created at the very least 15 billion of us. Why do I believe 15 billion? Well, the so called experts say there are 7.5 billion people alive in the world today and that half the humans who ever lived are alive right now  So, if these figures are true, and we are living in the end times, that means there are at least 15 billion of us, of which 7 1/2 billion have already passed through this earth age, animal type life. If 1/3 of us joined with Lucifer during his first earth age rebellion, 1/3 of 15 billion is 5 billion, therefore, I believe 5 billion of us chose to follow Lucifer during his rebellion against God in the first earth age and didn't remain loyal to God.

It would be good for your understanding to read the following before you go any further in  this study
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Because of this sin by Lucifer,  drawing 1/3 of us to take his side in his rebellion, God in His fierce anger, completely destroyed that first earth age,
including all animal type life. You will find this destruction recorded in Jeremiah 4:23-26. (The end of the dinosaurs.) This world wide flood (Lucifer's Flood) is the flood that most Christians have confused with Noah's Flood.  At that time God sentenced Lucifer to die. The sentence not to be carried out immediately. God will first use Lucifer, now called Satan, to help Him find out which ones of our souls are worth salvaging, according to His plan to salvage the souls of as many of His children as possible, during this earth age. God will continue to allow Satan to spiritually influence us during this earth age, allowing Satan's methods to run their course to finally prove to those of us who think Satan's methods are best and will work, to find out that they don't. And then see which ones of us will in the end remain loyal to Him, or will again follow Satan. Those of us who have learned to tell the difference between what is profane (Satan) and what is Holy (Jesus Christ) , and now love Jesus Christ, repenting of our sins and asking His forgiveness, will receive His grace and be granted eternal life. Even those 1/3 of us who rebelled with Satan during the first earth age. 

THAT BRINGS US TO GOD'S PLAN TO SALVAGE OUR SOULS.  He will come to earth Himself as a human being, his only begotten son,born to a virgin mother, and sacrifice His own human life to provide a way for all of us who will, by our own free will, accept His offer of grace to us.

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God decided to place us all back here on this earth, which He again makes livable, although not perfect as it was in the first earth age. But this time we too are to be placed in animal type, flesh and blood bodies, whereby we can learn about the seriousness of the death of our souls by experiencing the permanence of the life and death of this animal existence.

Now let's talk about the first creation of humans.

And it's purpose!

That brings us to the 6 days of creation activity as recorded in Genesis chapter 1.  On the fifth day God created the beasts of the earth, i.e. the wild animals. Then on the sixth day He created man, The Hebrew word translated "man" is adham.  In the manuscripts it is not preceded by the definite article 'eth and so it does not refer to a specific person,  the word adam means human being or mankind, and no gender is implied. This was the creation of the races of mankind and He created both males and females and He told them to go forth, have children, and refill the earth with people, although they are in animal bodies this time.

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Editors note: We'll discuss the "except for one" next in during our study of the forming of one particular man
Now let's talk about the second
making/forming of this one particular man.
And it's purpose!

Live Link to->>> Now we'll discuss the except for one. And meet the 76th generation -grand parents of Jesus Christ

Then after a day of rest, while mankind was going forth to re-populate the earth,  we come to another day (I'll call it the eighth day) when God  formed a individual man out of the dust of the earth. God does not use the term create this time but He says He formed this man. He also does not refer to this man simply as adam, but instead uses " 'eth-ha adham" which refers to the particular person "Adam". The other thing that is different in this chapter is the animals. In this chapter they are not created first, ahead of mankind. No these animals are farm animals, domesticated animals. You will take note that in all of chapter 1 God did not mention farming. Mankind created in chapter 1 were hunters and gatherers.  But the individual man formed in chapter 2 is a farmer. And God planted a garden for him to dress and keep and live in. Then from  " 'eth-ha adham"s own  body God formed a wife for him. Her name is Eve and according to God's plan to salvage mankind, He will send His own son to earth to also be born as a human descendant of this man " 'eth-ha adham" and his wife Eve, who are to remain of pure pedigree. At least until the virgin Mary gives birth to the Christ child (Jesus). The sacrifice of God's own son, living on earth with us in human form is legitimate to forgive sin because His son (Jesus) not only lived a perfect life without sin while living in the flesh but, because He was both God and man.

Notice also that God did not tell this individual and his wife Eve to go forth and populate the earth. No, God wanted this man and his wife to remain in that garden and their descendants to remain of pure pedigree.

Of course Satan, not wanting God's plan to succeed, does every thing he can to keep the blood line from Eve to Christ from remaining pure. He goes so far as to seduce Eve in the garden, fathering Cain. Then when Seth becomes the apparent ancestor of our Lord replacing Abel who Cain murdered, Satan has angels, who are loyal to him, come to earth to impregnate daughters of  " 'eth-ha adham" and Eve. That's the reason for Noah's flood. When Noah, his wife, their 3 sons and 3 daughter's-in-law were the only 8 people left in the land of pure " 'eth-ha adham" and Eve pedigree, God flooded the land, in the middle east, to rid the earth of these folks who had taken on the blood line of fallen angels.  Many people think Noah's flood was the big one we see evidence of in the layers of the earth's crust, but that is a false assumption. The big flood they see evidence of was Lucifer's flood, the result of God destroying the first earth age after Lucifer's rebellion.
Note: 76 generations from Eve to Mary, the virgin mother of our Lord, is a long time, and many generations, to keep their pedigree pure, and it took Noah's flood to help make it happen, but it did happen.
 ADAM (1) 
"The Son of God" and The First Adam

  SETH (2)

   ENOS (3)

   CAINAN (4)


   JARED (6)



   LAMECH (9)

   NOAH (10)

   SHEM (11)

   ARPHAXAD (12)

   CAINAN (13)

   SALA (14)

   EBER (15)

   PELEG (16)

   RAGAU (17)

   SARUCH (18)

   NAHOR (19)

   TERAH (20)

   (1) ABRAHAM (21)

   (2) ISAAC (22)

   (3) JACOB (23)

   (4) JUDA (24) 
m. Tamar
 ---> Zera 
(Matthew 1:3)

   (5) PHAREZ (25)

   (6) ESROM (26)

   (7) ARAM (27)

   (8) AMMINADAB (28)

   (9) NAASON (29)

   (10) SALMON (30)
m. Rachab
 (Sala: Luke 3:32)

   (11) BOAZ (31)
m. Ruth

   (12) OBED (32)

   (13) JESSE (33)

   (14) DAVID (34)
m. Bathsheba (Luke 3:31)
Matthew 1:6

  NATHAN (35) 
(2 Sam.5.14)

 (2) REHOBOAM   
 (3) ABIA 

   MATTATHA (36)

 (4) ASA


  MENAN (37)



 MELEA (38)



 AHAB m. Jezebel |  

 JONAN (40)

 (6) JORAM

 m. Athaliah  

 JOSEPH (41)


 (Joash)  (Amaziah)

 JUDAH (42)


 SIMEON (43)


 LEVI (44)

 (7) OZIAS





 JORIM (46)

 (9) ACHAZ





 JOSE (48)

 (11) MANASSES  

 ER (49)

 (12) AMON



 (13) JOSIAS


 COSAM (51)

(who had brothers, Matthew 1:11)    

 ADDI (52)


 MELCHI (53)

 (1) JECHONIAS (55) m. --->  
(2) SALATHIEL (56)
 Widowed daughter 
husband deceased

 NERI (54)

(Evidently Salathiel died childless and Pedaiah, his brother, married his widow according to Deut. 25,5,6) 

 wife m. PEDAIAH 
(Quite legally according to the Mosaic law, Pedaiah's name does not appear as the father of Zerubbabel in either Matthew or Luke.)  

   (3) ZERUBBABEL (57)
(1 Chr. 3:19)

 (4) ABIUD 

   JOANNA (59)


   JUDA (60)


   JOSEPH (61)

(6) AZOR  

 SEMEI (62)

(7) SADOC  

 MAATH (64)

(8) ACHIM   

 NAGGE (65)


 ESLI (66)


 NAHUM (67)

 (9) ELIUD 


 AMOS (68)

     MATTATHIAS (69)
(10) ELEAZER   

 JOSEPH (70)


 JANNA (71)

 (11) MATTHAN   

 MELCHI (72)


 LEVI (73)



 (12) JACOB


 HELI (75)

  (13) JOSEPH m. MARY (76) 

   (14) JESUS (77) 
The Son of God and the Last Adam (God's only begotten Son)
Joseph was Jesus' stepfather.
Mary His virgin birth mother.

Let's compare the floods
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Basic facts you need to know to understand Scripture without perceived conflicts.

Before you begin,
  "Do you see men as trees walking?"
If you don't, please pray that the Lord teaches you to "see clearly".
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