The World as I see it.

By John Rhine as I see it in 2019

Jesus says “He has told us all things”.  

How did He tell us?  In the Bible, of course; but I still have a few questions I have yet to find answers for, in my Bible.    If I keep reading, and rightly dividing His Word one day the Holy Spirit will hit me over the head and say, “Didn’t you see that?”    That’s the way it works for me. I can read the same passage of Scripture dozens of times and not see, and then one day I read it and the Holy Spirit opens my eyes and makes it clear.    When that happens I think to myself, “Why did I not see that before? Right there it is, in front of my eyes.”

One question I still haven’t found the answer for yet, is how many souls of us, God’s children, did He created in the beginning, when He first created our souls.   He then, later created this earth for us to live here on, the 1st earth age, “The Age of the Dinosaurs”?    The only thing I have to base that count on hasn’t come from my Bible. The human, so called experts of our current day, claim that half of the flesh and blood men that ever lived here on earth are alive and living here right now. They tells me that since there are 7.5 billion people on earth now that accounts for 15 billion people total.   If Christ returned today, we would all be changed back into our celestial bodies so there would be no more people born in the flesh.  I have learned from my Bible that God originally created us as spirit beings, with celestial bodies, like His own; And that 1/3 of all of us created souls, God’s children, followed Lucifer, who is now called Satan, in his rebellion attempt against God, during the 1st earth age. Lucifer who then was our spiritual leader allowed his position to go to his head, he wanted to be like God.  Then God, in His fierce anger pulled us off of the earth at that time and destroyed it as it then existed, and sentenced Lucifer/Satan to die on a later date in “The Lake of Fire”, to perish and BE NO MORE. The Bible says God is a consuming fire.

If 15 billion is a accurate count, then when Lucifer/Satan enticed 1/3 of us to join him in his rebellion attempt in the 1st earth age, 1/3 of 15 billion means 5 billion of us did not remain loyal to God.    God chose not to sentence the 1/3 of us who followed Lucifer/Satan to the same fate as Lucifer at that time.    This is only speculation on my part, but I’m pretty sure God knew none of us had any realization about the permanency of death, since none of us had ever experienced the death of their soul. Oh, we saw animals die but never a spirit being.    God decided to restructure the ruined earth and place us back on it, this time, in animal bodies.   We would be placed here one at a time, in our turn, through the womb of a woman, to live and die as animals do. To die the shadow of death, i.e. the death of our flesh and blood body. When this happens we learn about the permanency of real death (the death of the soul) because when we die “the shadow of death” we can no longer communicate, ever again on this earth, with our loved ones nor they, with us. I don’t believe God will end this earth age until all of His created children have been to this earth school of flesh and blood man and know all about both life and death, and know how permanent the death of our soul will be.

The majority of us, God’s loyal children, may have already passed through this earth age. How many of them have been Israelites, descendants of Jacob/Israel, from the ancient House of Israel, (the 10 tribes that migrated across the Caucasus Mountains and became the Christian nations of Western Europe, the isles of Britain and the Americas)? Only God knows. Live Links to>>> #1020 "Do you know who you really are?"  Are you a Israelite? Be thoughtful before you answer. (Maybe you only think you're a Gentile!) and #1064 "Israel's Lost Tribes" As Israel left the Caucasus Mountains and migrated into Europe, and to North America, they became known as Caucasians.

How many of them have been Israelites, descendants of the ancient House of Judah from the tribes of Judah and Benjamin, the good Jews, having since mixed with descendants of Cain, the bad Jews? (Jews, both good and bad, who today make up the small country in the Middle East that we today call Israel)

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The Bible says, all Israel will be saved. Does that literally mean all as in everyone?    If so, how many will be saved by grace at the 1st resurrection to eternal life versus how many will be saved by their works, at the 2nd resurrection to eternal life? Still by the blood of Christ but, not by faith, because He will be here and visible with them for the whole Millennium.  

How many of Cain’s descendants will eventually come to know Jesus and be saved?

Another question I have: If 15 billion of us is a good number I suspect this earth age to end shortly since we have nearly all had our turn to pass through this age in flesh and blood bodies (and Jesus told us this generation of Live Links to>>> “The Generation of the Fig Tree” is near the end when He will return), but what about those 60 million abortions (murdered pre-born babies) here in America alone since 1973 (Rowe v. Wade) made the murdering of pre-born babies legal, who never had a chance to see their brothers and sisters die the “shadow death” and what it’s like to no longer be able to communicate with them? No one living in a celestial body ever died, so none of us prior to this 2nd earth age of flesh man ever experienced the death of a loved one’s soul who we can no longer communicate with. That’s the real reason God is putting us here in animal bodies. To learn to appreciate the salvation of our soul which He is offering as a free gift through the blood of His son Jesus who sacrificed His flesh and blood life on the cross on Calvary shedding His sin free blood to cover the sins of all mankind during this earth age. For everyone who believes in Him, repents of their sins, and invites Him into their heart to cleanse it.

I have another question: I am a former printing pressman, Only a printer would ask this. • If it wasn't until 1450 when Johannes Gutenberg in Germany invented printing from metal type pages made up of individual movable letters, which made the printing of Bibles economically possible to mass produce (until then printing was done from a carved block of wood. It was very time consuming, if after a paper jam up, which smashed that wood block, a new page had to be hand carved before you could continue printing. That could take a skilled engraver a week to accomplish and if he made one mistake, or one slip of his carving tool, he would have to start over with a new block of wood. After Gutenberg's invention all you had to do is replace a few pre-made metal letters that were smashed and start printing again.) Do you think God, during this 2nd earth age, would have been placing  rebellious or loyal 1st earth age children into wombs of flesh and blood woman before Bibles were available to the general population? I suspect it was loyal children. If I'm correct that would explain why we today in this  21st century have so many people living in the world, who don't believe in Jesus and why immorality is so high in this 21st century. They are, a majority, of the 1/3 of God's originally created souls who rebelled in the 1st earth age.

Only God know the answer to exactly when Christ will return and end this earth age of flesh man! But remember Jesus told us Satan will come first and claim he is God five months before the real Christ returns. Make sure Christ doesn’t return to find out you have already been worshipping Satan as if he was the real Christ Jesus.

Until then, please help us, here  at the American Wisdom Series plant seeds of truth in people’s minds that the Holy Spirit can use to bring as many as possible of those 15 billion souls to receive salvation by the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

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May the Lord bless you and the Holy Spirit be your Guide!