False Prophets and Negligent Healers

#903    Part 1   Oh where, oh where, have the shepherds gone? Oh where, oh where, can they be? They are shearing the flock and feeding themselves, Do they think that God doesn't see?
#904    Part 2   Look at what the vast majority of our Christian congregations are being feed today; is it any wonder that most Christians think all that is required of them is to show up at church Sunday morning.
#905    Part 3   The following Bible Study may be offensive to tender ears, to those Christians who just can't imagine that anyone who calls himself or herself a minister or preacher of Jesus Christ, would knowingly mislead anyone for money, power or ego, i.e. for personal gain. They all seem like such nice people. Yet, anyone with an ounce of common sense who turns on Sunday morning TV and surfs the airwaves would have to conclude that for the most part one has to be "stupid" to follow some of these prancing showmen who openly claim that God speaks to them directly and gives them exclusive "words of knowledge" that other lesser sheep in the audience aren't privileged to hear.
#906    Part 4   Micah shows us what it is that the false prophets of today preach which cause our people to "err" and go astray from the Word of God.
#907    Part 5   There shall be another, a false messiah also riding on a "white horse" (Rev. 6:1), who will appear before the Faithful and True Messiah comes and who will claim that it is he who is the true messiah and he shall successfully deceive the whole world by his signs and wonders into believing his Big lie
#908    Part 6  Many Christian churches today wish they had a good pastor who would teach God's word chapter by chapter, verse by verse, line by line.
#909    Part 7 Beware of false prophets because it's the first sign to watch for to determine the Lord's return
#910    Part 8 So go ahead and follow the traditions of men, though they belong to Apollyon. They appear to be good. After all, the majority believe such doctrines as the rapture theory, etc. It all seems so right.
#911    Part 9   How many of you have ever heard your pastor teach a lesson about these angels who inpregnated our human ancestors?
#912    Part 10   Don't blame it all on the prophets
#7080  Are you able to "see" and "hear" all the things Christ has taught His disciples on the mount? Remember, ALL wisdom comes from the Word of God.  How much of it have you studied?