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The complete book of Hebrews

My fellow Christian, Please read all of our Hebrews studies both the 2004 and the 2016 versions for two reasons, #1 because the Apostle Paul wrote the book of Hebrews on a higher level than his other books; He wrote Hebrews specifically to all proclaiming Christians who have crossed over from darkness into light, i.e. they’ve studied the meat of the “Word of God”; they are not just pew potatoes who only learn the milk of the  “Word of God” as taught in most of the churches of our land  and #2 we, in our commentary may have made what he wrote clearer in one version compared to the other.

Always pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you to a clear understanding of the “WORD of GOD”.

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Introduction To Hebrews

#2601 Chapter 1       2016 version study Chapter 1

#2602 Chapter 2       2016 version study Chapter 2

#2603 Chapter 3       2016 version study Chapter 3

#2604 Chapter 4       2016 version study Chapter 4

#2605 Chapter 5       2016 version study Chapter 5

#2606 Chapter 6       2016 version study Chapter 6

#2607 Chapter 7       2016 version study Chapter 7

#2608 Chapter 8       2016 version study Chapter 8

#2609 Chapter 9       2016 version study Chapter 9

#2610 Chapter 10      2016 version study Chapter 10

#2611 Chapter 11      2016 version study Chapter 11

#2612 Chapter 12      2016 version study Chapter 12

#2613 Chapter 13      2016 version study Chapter 13

Other Hebrews pamphlets below
#1923Book of Hebrews is a truly remarkable "transition" book "crossing over" from the Old Testament to the New Testament

#1924  We hope and pray that you can "relate to" and partake of the incredible dinner Paul has prepared for us.

#1925"If we cannot see the things which are unseen, i.e. which are invisible to the naked eye, how can we learn and know about the things of the spirit?

#1926   Flesh man cannot see God who is in the spiritual, and therefore invisible, dimension. So Jesus Christ came to this earth and by Him and through Him hath declared the Father.

#1927   That which is born of the flesh is flesh and that which is born of the spirit is spirit.

#1928   The majority of our people have not ears to hear (understand) nor eyes to see (spiritually perceive).

#1929 So never let the "ignorant" milk bottle suckers give you this "All you need is salvation and baptism" stuff!

#1930   The corruptible (flesh, earthly body) putting on the incorruptible (spiritual, heavenly body) is NOT THE SAME thing as the "mortal" putting on "immortality".

#1931   Many of our beloved Christian brothers and sisters have never seen the wonderfully beautiful picture of Hebrews chapter two in its entirety.

#1932   Do you know why He endured the direct face to face temptation by Satan and then suffered humiliating ridicule and a bloody scourging and the severe cruelty of death by crucifixion on a Roman cross? There is more to it than most of us have been taught.

#1933   Jesus Christ quoted and taught this entire 22nd Psalm while He hung on the cross.

#1934   All of us must be born "from above", into the sack of water and then be re-born of the spirit in order to enter into the kingdom of God.

#1935   It is the "will of God" to bring many sons to glory though the training (I'll call it) in the flesh!

#1936   We all know too well that we are all subject to the pains and sufferings and death of this corruptible flesh.

#1937   You either believe the Word of God or you just think you do.

#1938   "Are you one of those to whom Paul is addressing in this first verse?"

#1939You see, just to believe that Christ is God or that there is only one God, is not what true belief is

#1940   Consider that this generation has witnessed greater miracles than any generation in the history of mankind!

#1941You see, just saying you believe doesn't make it so.

#1942The question is, "Do you believe in the real Jesus Christ, the Son of God, or do you believe in the other Christ, the fake Christ, Satan as the spurious mesiah?

#1943The apostle Paul, chosen by God before the foundation of this world (Eph. 1:4) to carry forth His truth as an OBEDIENT servant of Jesus Christ, the Word of God, disagrees with many of our preachers and ministers!

#1944We have thus seen by example and clear explanation from Paul that it is only those who believe, only those who have faith and trust in Him, who shall enter into His rest.

#1945 Why was the preaching of the gospel of no benefit to the Isrealites in the wilderness?

#1946  If you are just hanging around going to church and awaiting the Rapturemobile to come give you a ride to never-never land, you better take heed to the example of unbelief Paul has so patiently brought to our attention.

#1947   Paul refers to that example of "unbelief" which is disobedience to God's Word.

#1948   There is much more to God's Word than most Christians have been taught.

#1949Christ is the author of eternal salvation to all those who obey Him, not those who only say they believe and worship Him with their lips
(Isa. 29:13).

#1950  The truth of the matter is that our people just do not care to take the time to study the letter their Father wrote to them giving them all the wisdom and knowledge they will ever need to be blessed and happy in the flesh and enter into His eternal rest!

#1951 It is no wonder that the spurious messiah will be so popular and deceive the whole world including the majority of Christianity when he comes claiming to be the real Messiah.

#1952 Simply open your mouth and take the little book and begin to eat it as per His instructions!

#1953 (Unfortunately because of the famine, few Christians are even familiar with the wondrous "world that then was (Gen. 1:2, 2 Pet. 3:6)" that God destroyed following Satan's rebellion.)

#1954 What is it that is to accompany salvation?

#1955Do not harden your heart and stubbornly hold on to the traditions of men

#1956   I guess that shoots a hole in the old "Left Behind" theory Satan has milk bottle Christians believing, doesn't it?

#1957Isn't it interesting that so many Christian churches often teach exactly the opposite of what the Word of God says?

#1958 You will even find in Bible commentaries that many supposed learned men refer to Melchisedec as a "mysterious" one.

#1959 Are you one who believes that Christ was a "Jew", meaning He was only of the tribe of Judah, when infact He was also half of the tribe of Levi. This is only "evident" to those who have been enriched by the meat of His Word.

#1960 Christianity is not contained in religion nor in the following after traditions... it is the reality of knowing Him.

#1961 Jesus Christ in the flesh both descended of the kingship line (through Judah) and the priesthood line (through Levi)

#1962 The simplicity of all this is that "Jesus Christ is the Living Word of God,

 #1963 We are complete in Him. We do not need buildings and ordinances and circumcisions, nor do we need to keep certain days or abstain from this or that or have priests offer gifts and sacrifices.

#1964Is the Word of God sealed in your mind and written in your heart whereby you have "life"?

#1965  Do you realize that if it were not for the Old Testament, the New Testament would be impossible to understand because so many of the words of Christ and Paul and Peter, etc., which were directs quotes from the Old Testament, would be gone!

#1966  Do want to know HOW to "see" (as in come to KNOW) and "believe" in Jesus Christ?

#1967    It is written that the whole world including most Christians shall believe Satan when he comes to earth claiming he is Christ!

#1968 Is it not amazing therefore that many Christian claim a "physical temple" must be built in Jerusalem before Messiah returns?

#1969    And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

#1970   The love of of God and His truth and His ways, must come from within, as a sincere desire to know Him, which is to hunger and thirst after righteousness (His Word).

#1971Did you notice that Paul left out "mine ears hast thou opened" in his quote of Ps. 40:6 in Hebrews 10:5-6?

#1972   I will put my laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts

#1973    You go to church once a week and sing praises to me but do you ever crack the Book during the week and study my letter which I have written unto you?"

#1974   As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the last days.

#1975When the King of kings and Lord of lords returns to this earth... it shall be so!

#1976   When you step out of the shower in the morning, do you still feel dirty? Of course not! Neither should you feel dirty when you wash away your sins, your filthy garments, with the blood of the Lamb...

#1977It is those who are not taken first in the field and seduced by the first messiah, who endure by the exercising of their faith, who shall "live", i.e. be saved!

#1978 Explain to those who can "hear" what the "unpardonable sin" is.

#1979 Today you'll learn what it means to "blaspheme" the Holy Spirit;"The Unpardonable Sin".

#1980 "What is faith?" Believe it or not, most Christians do not know for most have not read the Word of God.

#1981 Is not the thing made evidence of a maker?

#1982To do God's will, that's what "good works" is!

#1983 The test of one's belief and true love for God lies in his or her actions, not just words.

#1984 God speaks to us through His Word in these last days

#1985 It should also be pointed out that in order to confess (fully acknowledge) that one is a "stranger and pilgrim" (resident foreigner) requires the foundational knowledge of the three world ages which by faith we know are "fitly joined together" (Heb. 11:3) in the plan of God.

#1986 Oh, you didn't know that your faith shall be put to the test?

#1987To "know whose child you are" is quite a revelation to many of God's children!

#1988We in this final generationof the fig tree, must also make a "choosing" as to whether they will patiently "endure to the end" or take the easier softer way and "enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season"!

#1989   Do you have faith to know that when you "sprinkle that blood of the Lamb" on the doors posts of your mind, the death angel (Satan) must pass over you and cannot harm you?

#1990   What makes you think your shortcomings are worse than others of your brethren? Have you never read what David did?

#1991Do you desire to be part of that valiant family of God's servants Paul spoke of in Hebrews chapter 11?

#1992 The sands of time run out of the final "hour" glass for this flesh age during the generation of the fig tree which began on May 15, 1948.

#1993    Learn to recognize when you are being chastised and then "Kiss the paddle" and say "Thank you Father" because you know in your heart He did it for your own good.

#1994 Do you have a purpose and a destiny?

#1995The valley of those dry bones are symbolic of the spiritually dead.

#1996 The reason that Paul brings up Esau's prostitution of his birthright is that many of our brothers and sisters who claim to be Christians will also "sell out" their inheritance, their birthright promises in Jesus Christ, to the false messiah when he comes to earth (Rev. 12:7-9).

#1997Do not forsake hearing His voice, the Word of God,the Bible,which is how He speaks to us today.

#1998   Our brothers and sisters, though they claim to be Christians and they cry "Lord, Lord, Praise the Lord", are spiritually blind and spiritually deaf.

#1999Oh yes, many preachers hold praise and worship services but they just never quite get around to teaching God's Word chapter by chapter and verse by verse whereby our people can be nourished and strengthened by the true bread of life.

#2000   Hold fast to the truth of God's Word and stay the course and do not wander off after the traditions of men and their seducing spirits (doctrines).

#2001Do you believe God's promises? Do you trust and have faith in Him to be true to His Word?

#2002Do you understand why Jesus Christ was slain on the cross outside the city gate, away from the temple?

#2003May God have mercy on those who lead His children astray.