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The Book of Isaiah
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Prophecy concerning the true Houses of Israel and Judah; the Christian nations ( America /Manasseh, Canada, Great Britain /Ephraim, Germany and the many other European Christian nations), up to and including the return of Christ
#6401 Chapter 1
#6402 Chapter 2
#6403 Chapter 3
#6404 Chapter 4
#6405 Chapter 5
#6406 Chapter 6
#6407 Chapter 7
#6408 Chapter 8
#6409 Chapter 9
#6410 Chapter 10
#6411 Chapter 11
#6412 Chapter 12
#6413 Chapter 13

In chapter 14 we shall learn a proverb against the king of Babylon and "see" on into the future time of the Millennium after Christ's return when "the world is at rest, and is quiet (Isa. 14:7)" and see what shall become of that wicked one, "...the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms; [17] That made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof; that opened not the house of his prisoners (Isaiah 14:16-17)!" The LORD hath founded Zion 14:32
#6414   Chapter 14

Isaiah chapters 15-21 wherein the "7" burdens or warnings are given to the nations for these last days.
Prophecy concerning the burden of Moab in chapters 15 and 16 The Moabites are cousins to the Houses of Israel and Judah.
#6415Chapter 15
#6416Chapter 16

Prophecy concerning the burden of Damascus (Syria) in chapter 17
#6417Chapter 17

Prophecy concerning a Woe to a land which is beyond the rivers of Ethiopia (The United States) "The Stone Kingdom"  in chapter 18
#6418Chapter 18

Prophecy concerning the burden of Egypt (all the Arab nations) in chapters 19 and 20
#6419Chapter 19
#6420Chapter 20

Prophecy concerning the burden of the Desert of the Sea ( Babylon) including burdens upon Dumah (Russia) and Arabia in chapter 21
#6421Chapter 21
We have now completed the "7" chapters from Isaiah 15-21 wherein the "7" burdens or warnings are given to the nations for these last days.

We are now directed to take heed to the "valley of vision", which is, Jerusalem, the focal point of Biblical prophecy in these lasts days.
#6422Chapter 22

The 23rd chapter of Isaiah concerns the oracle or revelation of Tyre.
#6423Chapter 23

Isaiah 24 & 25 are precious indeed in that they speak both of The Lord's Judgment and His Mercy.
#6424Chapter 24
#6425Chapter 25

This remarkable 26th chapter of Isaiah will give us not only an outline of how our Father's wondrous plan shall unfold in these last days, but it will also give us an in-depth view of the purpose behind His chastisement and vengeance upon the ungodly!
#6426Chapter 26

In chapter 27 we are going to be given insight into our Father's marvelous plan of salvation, even additional insight into the great purpose He has for bringing chastisement upon His people.
#6427Chapter 27

Chapter 28 begins a series or cycle of six "woes" that continues through to chapter 35 and verse 10
In chapter 28 we learn that multitudes of Christians who do not have faith based upon the foundation of God's Word are surely going to make a "covenant with Death" and "an agreement with Hell". In fact, the majority of our people have been so drawn away from their Father's Word, the foundation of truth, by soothsaying preachers who teach the traditions of men instead of His Word, that they cannot tell the difference between that which is profane (the false Christ) and that which is holy (the true Christ).
#6428Chapter 28

This is the second of the six woes we discussed at the beginning of chapter 28 and this one is directed to Ariel, the city where David dwelt,
The hour is late and it is time to quit playing church and stop listening to men's traditions and open your eyes to the "visions" of the prophets through whom Jesus Christ has foretold us all things (Mark 13:23).
#6429 Chapter 29

"Will you be one who waits for the LORD" and thus be one who is "blessed" or will you follow after the false messiah and the things of this world and wind up spiritually dead as one who is slain by the spiritual sword of the Assyrian? In fact you could ask yourself right now, "How are you doing? Are you a lively tree or a piece of deadwood? Do you produce fruit or are you a spiritual burden to others?"
#6430 Chapter 30

The subject of chapter 31 is "apostasy", both individual and national. And though it is written that the majority of our people are going to revolt (carah, apostatize) and therefore stumble and fall before the false messiah, you need not be among them IF you are willing to "Turn unto Him".
#6431 Chapter 31

The Millennial reign of the righteous King and His dominion is the subject of this 32nd chapter in the book of Isaiah. Isaiah 32:9 Rise up, ye women that are at ease; hear my voice, ye careless daughters; give ear unto my speech. This is addressed to the woman, even to the daughters of Jerusalem (Luke 23:28-31), i.e. to the true House of Israel who has become as prosperous as a "fat cat" and believes herself to be secure in her salvation and in need of nothing (spiritually speaking, see Rev. 3:17)). In other words, this is addressed to America, and to Great Britain, and to Canada, and to the rest of their sister Christian nations.
#6432Chapter 32

These who "wait upon the Lord" and are found praying this prayer are those wise virgins, even those who are "left behind" laboring in the field in Matthew 24! They are the ones who remain spiritual virgins and are not "carried away" with the "other Jesus" that is taught by the traditions of men.
#6433 Chapter 33

In chapter 34 the judgment of the gentile nations of the world, at the return of Jesus Christ is addressed.
#6434  Chapter 34

In chapter 35 the kingdom blessings of the gentile nations of the world are addressed. All of us, Israelite and gentile are now born back into the spirit.
#6435   Chapter 35

Some say chapters 36-39 are an historical parenthesis; just to re-describe events which happened in 701 B.C. when Assyria tried to conquer Judah; Sennacherib's invasions and Hezekiah's illness.  I believe chapters 36 through 39, and even unto chapter 65:17 are Isaiah's prophecy of a review of historical happenings to be taught to the dead by the Christ and His elect during the Millennial kingdom as a reminder of what happens when you trust in man to solve your problems in comparison to what happens when you put your trust in the Lord. And since all these things will then have already come to pass, these history lessons will have great value and effect for the teaching of "truth".
#6436  Chapter 36
#6437  Chapter 37
#6438  Chapter 38
#6439  Chapter 39

Isaiah 40: to 56:8 looks at Israel in exile and promises deliverance through Cyrus. Mingled with the promise of deliverance is constantly increasing recognition of the fact that exile is only the necessary result of Israel's sin. Therefore, unless this problem is satisfactorily dealt with, other captivities will inevitably follow. God promises He will send His Servant to take away sin and to bring light to all the world. The full view of the redemptive sufferings of Christ leads to the evangelical strain so prominent in this part of Isaiah. Isaiah also predicts Israel's return in the end time.
#6440  Chapter 40
#6441  Chapter 41
#6442  Chapter 42
#6443  Chapter 43
#6444  Chapter 44
#6445  Chapter 45
#6446  Chapter 46
#6447  Chapter 47
#6448  Chapter 48
#6449  Chapter 49
#6450  Chapter 50
#6451  Chapter 51
#6452  Chapter 52
#6453  Chapter 53
#6454  Chapter 54
#6455  Chapter 55
#6456  Chapter 56

In chapter 57 false leaders are rebuked
#6457  Chapter 57
#6458  Chapter 58
#6459  Chapter 59
#6460  Chapter 60
#6461  Chapter 61
#6462  Chapter 62
#6463  Chapter 63
#6464  Chapter 64

Isaiah 65:17 looks beyond the Kingdom Age to the new heavens and the new earth, but 18-25 describe the Kingdom Age itself. Longevity will be restored, but death, the "last enemy" will not be destroyed until after Satan's death sentence, along with the deaths of those who still choose to follow him when he is released from the pit for a short while at the end of the thousand years.
#6465  Chapter 65

I believe in chapter 66 Isaiah is prophesying a final message for the overcomers; the dead, who have now been granted eternal life in the "second resurrection", after the "great white throne of judgment".
#6466  Chapter 66