The American Wisdom Series

"Mystery Babylon" is being built it will be just as it was in the days of Noah.

Let me say, I know this whole study into "Mystery Babylon" may seem very confusing to many of you. So I will attempt to summarize the overall situation for you, as I see it, before we start our actual study. ...John Rhine  Live Link to- "Mystery Babylon" summary 

#1 Live Link to- #7087 "Let's talk about 'Creation' and 'the Kenites' who are building this city", i.e. Mystery Babylon

#2 Live Link to- #7088 "Let's talk about this city", i.e. Mystery Babyon

#3 Live Link to-  #7089 "Let's talk about the events leading up to 'The Cup of Wrath' after this city, i.e. Mystery Babylon, is built"

#4 Live Link to-   #7090 "Let's talk about Jesus Christ's kingdom of the Millennium"  Mystery Babylon is destroyed

#5 Live Link to-  #7091 "Let's talk about Judgment Day"  Mystery Babylon is ancient history

"The New Eternal Earth."

#6 Live Link to-   #7092  Let's talk about "The New Eternal Earth."